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Ormetkruper t1_jedqq7z wrote

Alot of people died tho. It is interesting with risk theory. The safer you are, the more risks you take and vice versa. If you drive a shitty small car without airbags and old tires, you won't overtake on a snowy highway. I guess these guys had to be alot more cautious without a harness than people are nowadays with one. Not alot of room for error...


SoylentGrunt t1_jedrs2e wrote

A lot of people still die. OSHA is gutted right now. The government is letting the big boys get away with things they normally wouldn't thanks to regulatory capture.

Iron workers got, and still get, a pass on a lot of OSHA regs because the steel erection companies were instrumental in writing OSHA rules and didn't want their crews slowed down with safety equipment.

Workplace safety today is not about saving lives. It's about saving money by avoiding wrongful death lawsuits from surviving family members of killed employees and OSHA fines should OSHA decide to actually do their job that day.


ELFanatic t1_jedysty wrote

Lots of ppl died back then. Both of them may have fallen soon after. We're looking at a 5 sec clip. There's a lot of 5 sec clips in any persons life.


LowerBed5334 t1_jefp9qr wrote

I'm just getting over ligament damage in my foot from twisting my ankle, while taking out the garbage.

I also had just returned from a snowshoe tour in the Alps two days before my stupid accident.

So, yeah 🤷😅