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HawkeyeTen t1_je68e2x wrote

Never forget Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, actually practiced with Tommy Guns and other weaponry in World War II. He was ready to fight alongside the British army if the Nazis landed on the Isles and tried to take London. No matter what you may think of that family in recent years, that father-daughter duo was something else.


Axolotlist t1_je7nyny wrote

Unfortunately, his brother, the previous king, was a nazi. He had an understanding with Hitler, that he would be placed back on the throne as a puppet ruler, with his American wife as queen, when the Germans conquered Britain. The British government had to exile him to the Bahamas, with a comfy job of course, and keep him under round the clock surveillance.


_coffee_ t1_je5u6ms wrote

Did she then ask for the Holy Hand Grenade from Brother Maynard?


jordantask t1_je7uyny wrote

Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three.


UsagiJak t1_je60d8c wrote

God the L85 rifle was such a pice of shit.


Bravefast t1_jeb898g wrote

Thank goodness, Mauser (re-named Heckler & Koch) stepped in to save the L85!


WU-itsForTheChildren t1_je5z2u9 wrote

This just have been on a Sunday….. a Bloody Sunday


lilBob1989 OP t1_je63pcn wrote

Ahhhh that song perfectly encapsulates the frustrations of a Sunday!


Urban_Meanie t1_je7e6vc wrote

What’s the jig the rifle is bolted in to for… Calibrating the scope?


JFleet- t1_je7fjeg wrote

Literally just for her to use and see as a demonstration.

I guess it would be improper and too informal to allow the queen to handle the weapon and conduct a shoot fully.


Urban_Meanie t1_je7gez9 wrote

I thought that also, I wouldn’t expect to see the queen of England firing a SA80 from the shoulder… I was mostly wondering if the jigs original design purpose was for setting the scope, it looks like it could be very useful for that if not.


thatweirdguyted t1_je7ss50 wrote

I assumed it was to absorb recoil. The Queen must be terribly frail at this point. No sense breaking her arm, or having the gun veer off target and hit something or someone.


Far_Sided t1_je7w59p wrote

General health and safety and security reasons sure. But let's not forget at this age, she was still actively hunting (Guessing this is about mid 80s when the rifle was first fielded)


Thiccaca t1_je7ij95 wrote

"Eat lead, NAZI scum!"


Material_Show_7685 t1_je7twwl wrote

I guess this is how they got all the diamonds and jewels from those third world countries…


ttsmit t1_je6hwau wrote

Before PC police


Nostonica t1_je7arxb wrote

Dumbest comment in the thread, there's no award.


celshaug t1_je72yje wrote

Got more balls than 50% of American men... e.i. democrats.


Different_While_5270 t1_je7lkjj wrote

And how does a firearm give you “balls”?? IMO, men who think that a firearm somehow bolsters their masculinity are actually little tiny cowards.


phish2112 t1_je7o475 wrote

It's because they conflate "having balls" to, being a giant nerd for murder machines.

At least giant nerds for things like funco pop toys or anime can't murder multiple people in a manner of minutes with said funco pop toy or anime.


celshaug t1_je84o37 wrote

My guess is you scream when you see a spider in the bathtub.


BrofessorDerp t1_je5waws wrote

Nice! Pity she didnt have the stones to go an actual frontline where her soliders commit war crimes in her name.