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ferretfacesyndrome t1_jeh3to6 wrote

Beautiful! Why did she do it?


ItchYouCannotReach t1_jeh57wc wrote

After months of preparations, in May 1982, a two-acre (0.8 ha) wheat field was planted on a landfill in lower Manhattan, two blocks from Wall Street and the World Trade Center, facing the Statue of Liberty, sponsored by the Public Art Fund. To create the work, titled Wheatfield — A Confrontation, 200 truckloads of dirt were brought in and 285 furrows were dug by hand and cleared of rocks and garbage. The seeds were sown by hand and the furrows covered with soil. The field was maintained for four months, cleared of wheat smut, weeded, fertilized, and sprayed against mildew fungus, and an irrigation system was set up. The crop was harvested on August 16 and yielded over 1,000 pounds (455 kg) of healthy, golden wheat.[19]