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PhilaTesla t1_jdkunlc wrote

Very underrated and entertaining film.


HawkeyeTen t1_jdmnvtl wrote

Rickles looks so much like U.S. General Matthew Ridgway, it's almost creepy. Look him up if you've never heard of him.


Mad_Gremlyn t1_jdlcder wrote

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves?


typhoidtimmy t1_jdlmkrw wrote

I remember reading that Donald Sutherland said that in all his years and with all his work, Oddball is the one he gets most people coming up and telling them how they are a big fans of. That dads and sons would come up and say they loved Kelly’s Heroes more than anything.

He also said a lot of armed forces guys who either knew tank teams or were part of them said it was probably one of the closest to reality character they had seen in film. They would come up and say ‘Man every guy I knew who operated tanks were really off kilter just like you in the movie. They were a weird bunch.”


HawkeyeTen t1_jdmo2kj wrote

Oddball will forever be remembered as one of the zaniest, weirdest, funniest and BEST characters in cinema history.


Mad_Gremlyn t1_jdozv6n wrote

That's cool, thanks for sharing that; I'll have to search around for it. I've heard that Donald Sutherland is kind of a-hole but damn if he isn't a tremendously entertaining actor, and this is easily my favorite of his characters. I assume he really was a bit stoned for these shoots, but he is a great actor, after all, so who knows.

All of my relatives and their friends that served in real-deal combat have all been deeply traumatized from the experience. I think that actually speaks to their humanity, and what is left of it.


SaigonTodd t1_jdl214m wrote

Rickles was one of a kind.... loved him


[deleted] t1_jdl1swr wrote

Great movie with a fabulous cast!


Unmissed t1_jdkvuk2 wrote

" guys smell like $#!+!"

"Kinda makes you homesick, don't it?"

"It kinda does, you know?"


prettybadgers t1_jdlfqbt wrote

This cinematic gem has been my go-to sick-in-bed moviegoer as long as I can remember, always makes you feel better, especially when paired with nachos


ironroad18 t1_jdlmhhd wrote

"Drinking wine, and eating cheese, and catching some rays..."


AzLibDem t1_jdm8o1n wrote

I'm gonna have "Burning Bridges" stuck in my head all day.


Lanchettes t1_jdlk8vo wrote

It was apparently originally about an hour longer. All the stuff that was cut was about the point of war and the lot of the common soldiers and how different that was to the senior officers. I would really like to see that original but (so far) it is lost.


DeadHuron t1_jdo41jt wrote

I’ve heard about the longer version too, would like to see it. I don’t know of the movie ever being seen with the extra time or if it even exists as a whole production though.


Lego_Blocks24 t1_jdlmuay wrote

Quit with the negative waves baby - love this film


proud2bterf t1_jdm24me wrote

The Patron Saint of Supply Sgt’s


Edge_of_the_Wall t1_jdn8v97 wrote

The damn thing is heavier than Kelsey's burgers.


oodelally1 t1_jdnuvx7 wrote

“Is that your wife?? Oooff, what was it…a train?!”


LGBTQMNOP t1_jdpnz4a wrote

Rickles was a true master- and anyone who hasn't seen Kelly's Heroes needs to find it and watch it! Great movie!


pmaurant t1_jdmfl87 wrote

Woof woof, that’s my dog impression.