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LongjumpingCheck2638 t1_je23lrp wrote

They were on top of their game for a while. They WERE Hollywood


HawkeyeTen t1_je5qqnh wrote

Add in Cary Grant and Gregory Peck, and you have Hollywood's ultimate quartet of talent.


Aunt-jobiska t1_je28vjp wrote

Classic Hollywood. They were also good friends.


kewissman t1_je2c6fz wrote

Henry Fonda let Jimmy Stewart live in his daughter’s “play house” in their backyard when Jimmy returned from Europe at the end of WW2. Stewart was having major trauma episodes (night terrors, etc) from his flying days, Fonda and his wife helped Stewart settle a bit.

When Frank Capra approached Stewart to do It’s A Wonderful Life and Stewart refused, Fonda and Capra convinced Stewart to do it.

All detailed in sobering and excruciating detail in the book Mission by Robert Matzen.


bustedbuddha t1_je2luvy wrote

I can hear it as clear as day "Hey, uh Henry, Do you have some of that, wacky tobacky there?"


Spirit50Lake t1_je2qn8n wrote

...and then they went to serve in World War II.


GTOdriver04 t1_je3pv2e wrote

Not only serve. Stewart became a decorated B-24 pilot who flew a ton of missions and kept going postwar.

I mean, flying bombers in the early jet age doesn’t seem like a bad gig if acting didn’t work out.


whatfingwhat t1_je4kguu wrote

Liberty Valence is one of the best westerns ever.


kev45ert OP t1_je58rfl wrote

John Wayne's performance was interesting in that he didn't get the top billing he wanted and took the role because he needed a paycheck and a career re-boot after 'The Alamo'. He wasn't happy with the role and it shows. He's a little pissy, annoyed, stiff and quite perfunctory.


reenign3 t1_je2mu51 wrote

Henry sucking on that thing like it’s rock


nutznboltsguy t1_je38q6y wrote

Jimmy hooked him up with some of his prime skunk weed.


Jimmyz666 t1_je3rss8 wrote

and they dressed so old school cool


Bobo4037 t1_je4v3yi wrote

Great photo! Stewart was 30 or 31 here, and Fonda was 33 or 34.


HiddenHolding t1_je4zt5s wrote

Dude. Those guys could've gone to the automat together. I'm so jealous.


tOaDeR2005 t1_je540du wrote

Most of their best work came after the war though.


bezelbubba t1_je4bo1l wrote

Jimmy was always great. Henry was usually pretty wooden, but did a couple good movies.


pktrin t1_je5ow1a wrote

Seems like they don’t make them like they used to.


[deleted] t1_je23di6 wrote



Timemisused t1_je25lfc wrote

I think it’s Jimmy Stewart. Been trying to figure out who Henry is.


Amasterclass t1_je273fz wrote

Looks like Fonda


Ray_D_O_Dog t1_je2pp9f wrote

Henry Fonda, a hugely talented actor, as well as father to Jane and Peter, who both became icons (like their dad) of American Cinema.