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Fifty-Cent-Words t1_iuj6xf8 wrote

I just heard that song on my radio. Yes, I listen to the radio. I like to live on the edge with no playlist. 🎃


Plaster_Lion t1_iuka7am wrote

Half an hour before he left for the show, he sat on the edge of the bed holding blackface makeup, weighing his options.

Seriously though, this is a killer photograph. I'm a huge SJH fan and your dad is instantly several times cooler than I am.


fluentindothraki t1_iujdg53 wrote

I looked up the song (which I love) a d found the Anny Lennox version - which I also love. Thank you OP for giving me an extra song


RogerCraigfortheHOF t1_iuj8gvd wrote

I can guarantee your dad has never been more cool!

Hell, that prolly the reason your mom went out with him in the first place!😁

Rock on 🤟😎🤟


BadSanna t1_iujdu0l wrote

Your dad was Marc Summers from Nickelodeon gameshow host fame?