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Important_Box5685 t1_itonmyd wrote

Should be #1 because I thought it was young Boy George. The winner must’ve been Boy George himself. She did an exceptional job with the makeup and outfit. Wow.


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itonygw wrote

I thought I remembered hearing a story once that he did enter a look-alike contest and came, like, 7th or something. Tried to look it up now but I guess I remembered wrong since I can’t find anything.


Cat-Curiosity-Active t1_itpk0z8 wrote

Fish, you are correct, the band got loaded one night after their second album release party, went to a London club hosting the Boy George Look A Like contest. George likely would have been at least a finalist but was so intoxicated he could barely stand, much less do his own signature dance moves. You are also correct regarding 7th place, where there were apparently eight contestants in the show. The story still circulates worldwide, he's mentioned it in a few interviews, laughs it off.


Scared_Variation_521 t1_itolvmf wrote

Who came first?


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itom4we wrote

Some guy who could apparently also do some signature Boy George twirl or something.


Vegas_off_the_Strip t1_itpffjp wrote

to be fair, at that time (I was alive then) if you had two contestants who both closely resembled boy george, and one of the contenstants was a boy, that contestant was going to win. Boy George was really the first time that you had a crossdresser hit that level of popularity so to ignore the crossdressing aspect in a look alike contest was not likely to happen. But tell mom she crushed it.


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itpofxl wrote

That makes total sense! I’ll relay that to my mother because it’s been about 37-38 years and she still talks about her disappointment for losing. 😆


Vegas_off_the_Strip t1_itsfa67 wrote

to the kind internet stranger who gave me my first Reddit award, Thanks!


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itskud2 wrote

I don’t like being called strange but you’re totally welcome.


Poison-DoNotLick t1_itoucrb wrote

You're mother is a very pretty young man.


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itpnuwd wrote

The real irony? Turns out my dad was a real ugly young woman.


Worsel555 t1_iton5b1 wrote

Wow, she looks better than him. ;)


FireRunner2049 t1_itooio0 wrote

She does a better Boy George than Boy George.


Choppergold t1_itot3e5 wrote

How did she do in the contest


dbuzman t1_itpczs1 wrote

>It says right in the OP, she came 2nd.


neutrino71 t1_itpil9o wrote

I came here for the Karma Chameleon thread and was very disappointed.


Simply_dgad t1_itq7ytk wrote

She probably didn't have anywhere near enough the overwhelming quality of arsehole that BG exudes.

Can't stand anything about the Tinky Winky hatted twat


FishPasteGuy OP t1_itq8qkx wrote

Seriously, where did he touch you?


Simply_dgad t1_itq92h5 wrote

He wishes.

Its probably just allergic to narcissist heroin losers.