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xyander64 t1_iu48bxo wrote

I rember the first time i saw GWAR, i had no idea why everyone was wearing white and i got fake blood in my eye, it stained my contacts, the were my last pair the next day at school everybody thought i had pink eye good times


YouJustDid t1_iu5e4bf wrote

First time I heard of GWAR was when my friend got us tickets to see them in 1987 or 88 — we drove from Detroit to the Tam O’ Shanter skating rink outside Toledo, OH; the stage was made from plywood & milk crates.

At one point, they were playing while skating around the rink on rollerskates (except for the drummer, of course)

P.S. yo what’s up 80’s Toledo punks‽


immersemeinnature t1_iu6d529 wrote

My husband from Detroit has similar stories!


YouJustDid t1_iu6dyia wrote

you mind asking him if he remembers Lacey? Dude was basically the king of the “scene” when I was hanging out; just curious if your husband was around around the same timeframe


immersemeinnature t1_iu6joxb wrote

I definitely will! He's out of the country right now sleeping soundly but as soon as I can I will!


PlagueWheels t1_iu67jlb wrote

The first time I saw GWAR they literally raped a Joan Benet dummy, then chopped the head off the pope and fed both to a giant vagina.

That was before the first song...

My friend took me and I knew nothing about the band at all.


agarmend t1_iu5tyrj wrote

Exactly the same thing happened to my contacts when I saw them in Lawrence, KS in '97


toastspork t1_iu9h5qm wrote

My friend suffered the pink contacts thing after a Gwar show. He threw them out, but before that, he thought he'd test to see how many enzyme baths it would take to get them clear again.

The answer is four.