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TheOwnerOfRaddit t1_iu4mjjo wrote

Ding. 90s folks were cool. Today people would be so pissed that they got fake blood in the pickle spice frappachino that they took and then yell about it on Twitter after trying to record the concert on their phone.


rbtrapper t1_iu4pgzf wrote

Now all I can think about is how a pickle spice frapuccino would taste...


DegenerateWizard t1_iu6756b wrote

Do it, you’ll make millions. And I’ll be happy to accept 10%, of course, because I pushed you in the direction of this groundbreaking discovery. I’m your muse.


cannibalzombies t1_iu5st26 wrote

I literally just saw these guys for the first time about a month ago and that was not at all the vibe I got lol


coupe_68 t1_iu66wpq wrote

I'll give you an upvote. I hear ya.


ScruffyWeeny42 t1_iu4nsis wrote

100% agree. Look how you're already getting downvotes from the exact type of people we are talking about here 🤣