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YouJustDid t1_iu5e4bf wrote

First time I heard of GWAR was when my friend got us tickets to see them in 1987 or 88 — we drove from Detroit to the Tam O’ Shanter skating rink outside Toledo, OH; the stage was made from plywood & milk crates.

At one point, they were playing while skating around the rink on rollerskates (except for the drummer, of course)

P.S. yo what’s up 80’s Toledo punks‽


immersemeinnature t1_iu6d529 wrote

My husband from Detroit has similar stories!


YouJustDid t1_iu6dyia wrote

you mind asking him if he remembers Lacey? Dude was basically the king of the “scene” when I was hanging out; just curious if your husband was around around the same timeframe


immersemeinnature t1_iu6joxb wrote

I definitely will! He's out of the country right now sleeping soundly but as soon as I can I will!