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aville1982 t1_iu5w67r wrote

I saw GWAR in '04 or so. I was a metal head but hadn't really been exposed to them, but my neighbors loved them so we all went together. I showed up at the venue decked out in my typical show gear. Black band shirt, black jeans, knee brace, and work boots. Let's do this thing! To my surprise it's a bunch of people in white and pastel colors. Dr scrubs and even prom dresses. I had heard they would squirt some water on the audience but I was not prepared. I had the time of my life about 4 people deep in the crowd and on the edge of the pit. I came out more purple than red, and when I took a shower, it looked like I'd murdered Frankenberry in that bastard. Also the loudest show I've ever seen. I heard crickets for a week and had serious hearing loss for a couple days. Absolute blast!