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xyander64 t1_iu48bxo wrote

I rember the first time i saw GWAR, i had no idea why everyone was wearing white and i got fake blood in my eye, it stained my contacts, the were my last pair the next day at school everybody thought i had pink eye good times


Archibaldinepilates t1_iu49ma5 wrote

Goin to the GWAR show... put yer weed and smokes in a zip lock


DrkTitan t1_iu4azcz wrote

Gwar is still fairly shocking by today's standards, I can only imaging what peoples reaction was in the 90s.


IDC_FY t1_iu4c6pk wrote

Hahaha somewhere in the nineties I was sprayed with massive load of cum by them, loved it :D


grundlesplight t1_iu4chsq wrote

Damn good lookin crew there. Be fun to see this photo recreated now that yall bunch of old men


Tojo6619 t1_iu4eb94 wrote

I have a similar photo from 2008 or 2007 in upstate NY. Was fucking awesome I was genuinely scared when they came out on stage


NJdeathproof t1_iu4ghkj wrote

My man Lou Reed in the Public Enemy jacket



Draxtonsmitz t1_iu4gv12 wrote

I went to see Gwar in like 2005 and hurt my ankle in the pit during an opening band. I had to watch hear from a bench in the back of the room. Feels bad man.


Fred011235 t1_iu4h0qn wrote

saw them in the 90s awesome show


PM_ur_Rump t1_iu4h6x7 wrote

"Gwar in Oslo in '90" is metal as fuck.

Rest in Pieces, Oderus


ripyourlungsdave t1_iu4hfwq wrote

Is your friend in the middle there Ben Mendelsohn?..


spoopyelf t1_iu4hl04 wrote

Just saw them recently, didn't know what to expect but it was fun!


nich_bich t1_iu4i91w wrote

Guy in the left liking it a little too much


funksoldier83 t1_iu4ifyo wrote

GWAR… the first and last mosh pit I ever dared to enter.


1320Fastback t1_iu4kil9 wrote

God What an Awful Racket, saw them in San Diego and was just amazing!


Avocado_puppy t1_iu4lg04 wrote

GWAR!!!! I saw them at harppos in Detroit


Omnithea t1_iu4lxa2 wrote

Don't lie. It was Gallagher.


TheOwnerOfRaddit t1_iu4mjjo wrote

Ding. 90s folks were cool. Today people would be so pissed that they got fake blood in the pickle spice frappachino that they took and then yell about it on Twitter after trying to record the concert on their phone.


no-kooks t1_iu4moxr wrote

>Churning through the bestial muck. A cosmic forklift rules my throbbing asshole. The All-Eye says you are the right slave--to be my anal knave-- tongue in my anal cave--Boy!! You're just a war-toy--Just my little anal butter boy. Oh I'm so filled with joy. Now I know glee. 50 million hosebags every day. They die for me to have my way. Surely it is their deaths they seek, to brave my toxic--anal reek--Cause I'm so glad he is among us--I'm so glad he is a fungus--I'm so glad--He is among us--Philled condoms--My nipples explode!!!! You're just a war toy. Let's all go drink and kill and fart. Yeah sure it's fun, but is it art? The All-Eye sees the butt disease. Humanity--is on their knees with little boys...

I don’t know, seems pretty tame to me.


GinsuVictim t1_iu4mx6p wrote

Reminds me of splatter zone seating at Evil Dead The Musical.


Phlink75 t1_iu4mysv wrote

Going to Gwar tonight!


Qirawee54 t1_iu4o8z8 wrote

Omg this is great!!!! Which one are you?


Irishiron28 t1_iu4qbpf wrote

Love that gwars act has never changed.


Chckyrsix t1_iu4qfk4 wrote

I miss Oderus so much but GWAR is still great.


GrimmTrixX t1_iu4ql9x wrote

Been there man! My friends and I came back from a local GWAR show, covered in GWAR blood. We got lost on the way home because it was the first time to this location.

A cop pulled us over, most likely because we probably passed him a few times. He gave us direction. He said nothing about us being covered in "blood." I mean, it's probably because he knows what ACTUAL blood looks like, but it was still odd.


TakeoGaming t1_iu4rsln wrote

Nice!!! I have a similar pic of my friend and I looking the exact same way after seeing them in the early 90's. We wore all white also and were right in the front row. Good times!


bbqthrowaway t1_iu4s05k wrote

GWAR is sooo fucking underrated. RIP Oderus!


OldManMonza t1_iu4twh7 wrote

First concert I ever took my stepson to. He was 16 and had a blast. Still talks about now almost 30 years later


Anal_Vomit t1_iu4v4xd wrote

I saw them in Dallas during the Gwarmageddon tour back in 1999 I think it was, went in to a 711 after the show not thinking about being covered in fake blood, the girl behind the counter looked horrified.


Ghost_Drank_My_Beer t1_iu4wnti wrote

1990 is a legendary year to have seen Gwar. One of the best shows that I have been to.


Angelicfyre t1_iu4x8h4 wrote

Oh awesome memories! My friends and I would see them every chance we could at the Trocadero in Philly about the same time. Loved Slymenstra!


Sleep-system t1_iu4xaeu wrote

Does homeboy have a bunch of coke on his nose? 😂


NapkinApocalypse t1_iu5128f wrote

If you're going to be close to the stage consider putting tape on your shirt to read "GWAR2022" or whatever you want.

The shirt will get stained as fuck but then you peel the tape off and you'll have the message clear as day.

Just a thought anyway.


kirksucks t1_iu53tx1 wrote

I went to several GWAR shows in the 90s. I just found my white (unwashed) Gwar show shirt in storage a few months ago. Good times! RIP Oderus.


zertoman t1_iu545yr wrote

At the Gothic in Denver, watched them feed slaves to the world maggot.


sambolino44 t1_iu59ylo wrote

Favorite GWAR quote: “We have a love-hate relationship with our audience: you love us - we hate you.” Second favorite: “We’re here to give you a little respite from your banal existence.”


DancingWithMyshelf t1_iu5bikz wrote

GWAR is an amazing band to see live. Saw them at the 40-Watt Club in Athens, GA, in the mid '90s. One of the best shows I've ever been to.


Solid_snake321 t1_iu5cjjh wrote

I saw them in Philly on Halloween in 2007 or 2008. We just wore the same clothes to the Halloween party we went to afterwards. It worked great.


YouJustDid t1_iu5e4bf wrote

First time I heard of GWAR was when my friend got us tickets to see them in 1987 or 88 — we drove from Detroit to the Tam O’ Shanter skating rink outside Toledo, OH; the stage was made from plywood & milk crates.

At one point, they were playing while skating around the rink on rollerskates (except for the drummer, of course)

P.S. yo what’s up 80’s Toledo punks‽


lobroblaw t1_iu5gxe9 wrote

You guys must really like beetroot


Captainzabu t1_iu5lww8 wrote

First time I saw GWAR was at The Riv in Chicago, and they brought out two people dressed up as Bush & Gore (because it was around that time). They let them do a faux debate... Aaaaand after a bit Sleazy came out and blew both their heads off. Good times.


Thinkpad200 t1_iu5rzgc wrote

If you are ever in Richmond VA, be sure to visit GWAR Bar-good brunch


Necessary-Key-2299 t1_iu5vj0f wrote

Just discovered them. Pretty much only get into Sadam a go go or whatever. Costumes are bad ass


aville1982 t1_iu5w67r wrote

I saw GWAR in '04 or so. I was a metal head but hadn't really been exposed to them, but my neighbors loved them so we all went together. I showed up at the venue decked out in my typical show gear. Black band shirt, black jeans, knee brace, and work boots. Let's do this thing! To my surprise it's a bunch of people in white and pastel colors. Dr scrubs and even prom dresses. I had heard they would squirt some water on the audience but I was not prepared. I had the time of my life about 4 people deep in the crowd and on the edge of the pit. I came out more purple than red, and when I took a shower, it looked like I'd murdered Frankenberry in that bastard. Also the loudest show I've ever seen. I heard crickets for a week and had serious hearing loss for a couple days. Absolute blast!


YoShewbs t1_iu5wcct wrote

1990?!? So sick… that mighta been real blood? Not human, of course… but not fake blood.


flatfivesub t1_iu5ydm5 wrote

Either that or they just earned their red wings.


Count_Bloodcount_ t1_iu5zksh wrote

That particular yellow on the '89 Batman emblem is so iconic.

Awesome pic


mywhataniceham t1_iu5zl8v wrote

niiiiice!! i wore a donate blood t shirt (limelight /nyc 1995)


El_Heisenberg t1_iu61tpl wrote

Goddamn what I would give for that Public Enemy windbreaker.


Bigwill308 t1_iu628li wrote

Saw GWAR last year heck of a show if anyone hasn’t seen them please do it’s an amazing show they put on


asmodeus_rex t1_iu62ym0 wrote

Never should been let out the fuckin microwave


asphaltstretcher t1_iu667r3 wrote

I went to Virginia Commonwealth University starting in 1990, in Richmond, hometown of Gwar. So many good memories. Great showmen!


Pretzeltheman t1_iu66g0k wrote

I didn't get to see GWAR until later in life, they were a bucket list ticket. Ended up getting to see them only 2-3 months before Oderus OD'd 😭. Pretty sure he was out of his skull even at the concert, he was just screaming incoherently into the mic for pretty much every song that wasn't "Sick Of You". Was still a bad ass time overall.


PlagueWheels t1_iu67crb wrote

I want that freaking public enemy jacket.


aburtch10 t1_iu67gja wrote

I grew up in Richmond and saw a few early 90’s GWAR shows. They were intense to say the least.


PlagueWheels t1_iu67jlb wrote

The first time I saw GWAR they literally raped a Joan Benet dummy, then chopped the head off the pope and fed both to a giant vagina.

That was before the first song...

My friend took me and I knew nothing about the band at all.


PlagueWheels t1_iu67zdi wrote

Honestly, the 90s were wild. I was fifteen in 91 and got into music at that point.

Things are far more conservative today. I'm not trying to be a scrooge but political correctness has taken the edge off of things.


DrkTitan t1_iu69f0i wrote

Let's not forget this is the same time period where people were trying to get Mortal Kombat banned because it had blood in it and wanted rap banned from the radio because gangsta rap was too dangerous. The 90s were a different time but there was still plenty of people outraged over unnecessary stuff.


constant_mass t1_iu69yrv wrote

Haha shit man. I was just as soaked and looked just as happy as the guy sitting, after my first GWAR show. Good times.


Fragzav t1_iu6almw wrote

I looked the same after seeing them in Paris in the 90s!

I took the subway home and people kept asking me if I was OK.


rottenromance t1_iu6dlv0 wrote

Oh, man, this is how I looked after seeing them in December 1995. I had a final exam the next morning and had driven 4 1/2 hours to see them. I barely made it back in time. Didn’t have a chance to shower, barely had time to change clothes.

When I showed up to the lecture hall for the final, everyone was staring at me. I got asked, hesitantly, “… were you… uh… painting?”

When I sat down, the person next to me leaned over and not-really-whispered, “what happened to you?!”

I replied, with a groan, “GWAR.”

The Meatmen were on tour with them. I was right up against the stage and I guess I didn’t look impressed with their opening act. Because the lead singer hit me in the head with a 2’ long double-ended dildo. I literally got dick slapped. 😆😆


Fugazi_Jones t1_iu6em8w wrote

My friend had to bleach his hair back to blonde after the show. We were right under the meat grinder.


nobodyimportant009 t1_iu6ji1b wrote

I have been going to GWAR shows every year since 93. Was just at one last Sunday. Bohab till I die.


Sludg3g0d t1_iu6kmp8 wrote

Hell yeah, you got to see oderus live! Fucking Hella jealous, I didn't ever get the chance to see Dave live but have been to 4 gwar shows in recent years. I will say the theatrics have taken a dive compared to the old shows. Super special experience and such an awesome photo


TimeSalvager t1_iu6oy0e wrote

OP, I’m calling you out. Not a single person in attendance survived that show. Everyone, EVERYONE died.


CletisVanDam t1_iu6pp6t wrote

I’ve seen them twice this year alone. It hasn’t changed!


bokodasu t1_iu6r40g wrote

Yep, that looks like you were at a GWAR show.


oregonspruce t1_iu6r698 wrote

Nice! I haven't thought of gwar in years. I got to see them at the huntridge theater in Vegas around 1997. Such a fun show


IcebergWedgie t1_iu6tj3r wrote

I saw them from the balcony at The Ritz NYC in 1988. It was a fabulous bloodbath to witness from a safe vantage point and the band was better than I imagined. Live theater! I also worked at a shitty dive bar where GG Allin played that year and declined to stick around for his gore show. I have never regretted that choice.


thehighepopt t1_iu6w1bc wrote

I was crowd surfing and got dumped on stage. Got chopped a few times by a giant axe before diving off


travyhaagyCO t1_iu6w4la wrote

Took a girl on our first date to see GWAR. Been married 11 years now, I hit the lottery when I met her.


yousyveshughs t1_iu6y5gj wrote

Love Gwar, see them every-time they come around and it’s always a bloody great show. Last year they had Biden spraying the crowd from a giant syringe, it was pretty funny.


Arch3m t1_iu75ico wrote

Saw them with a bunch of friends earlier this month. Looked just about the same.


andy189 t1_iu76jnx wrote

I saw gear once. They had a massive vagina prop on the stage, which was odd. Then they pulled a huge tampon out of it and sprayed us all with “blood”. It was an experience.


R3dDvil t1_iu77j78 wrote

Did you and your friends go to concert or get beaten up at the concert ?


UNwanted_Dokken_Tape t1_iu7dz2h wrote

How long did it take for the red to wash off because for me it was days and days


woohan-kung-flu2 t1_iu7g23o wrote

Yep seen them at first ave 90 there was a handicapped guy who was crowd surfing and they were crowd surfing his wheelchair aswell


zamboniq t1_iu7lee9 wrote



saucyB52 t1_iu7o611 wrote

wat no broken teefies or black eyes

iz it tha drama club?


agoodfuckingcatholic t1_iu7top1 wrote

I seen them my junior year of highschool, went to school the next day smelling like beer cigarettes and puke, was stained blue and green from cop blood and monster jizz, I was only 17. It was the best fucking show I ever seen


vee180 t1_iu7u84f wrote

Ugh. I’m so sick of you.


Berg426 t1_iu7x48w wrote

You guys look like you just finished a backyard rendition of Reservoir Dogs.


PMmeYourDunes t1_iu8rrus wrote

Man this is great. My friends and I used to see a local metal band in our teens in the early 2ks. We came back looking exactly like this. Some fantastic times.


josephscythe t1_iu8ugmi wrote

That actually looks like the best time ever.


toastspork t1_iu9h5qm wrote

My friend suffered the pink contacts thing after a Gwar show. He threw them out, but before that, he thought he'd test to see how many enzyme baths it would take to get them clear again.

The answer is four.


A_Dash_of_Time t1_iug62v5 wrote

I was genuinely disgusted by them in the 90's. Went with friends to see them live around 2006-ish and realized they are by a HUGE margin, the single greatest live band in existence. GWAR is musical theater for metal heads. The next year, I took a bunch of acid and saw them again. 11/10 would recommend.