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sakzeroone t1_itcq0ug wrote

And the Cardoba with Corinthian leather !


Reckless_flamingos t1_itctelk wrote

When wearing clear jelly shoes, you have no other option but to excude confidence


Str33twise84 OP t1_itcupk9 wrote

It’s such an unexpected and bold choice, confidence cannot be denied.


llamalarry t1_itd4atx wrote

My dad definitely had a Cordoba in like sunflower yellow. We carted that this across the world through the military for 9 years. We finally parted ways when we left Athens (Hellinikon AFB) to return to the States. I still miss old Goldie with the white Corinthian Leather. Lol.


BurningBridesInIndia t1_itddvl7 wrote

That was a crazy popular color for like 10-15 years. GM called it Corona Cream but I think every auto manufacturer used it, particularly in their large coupes


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_itd4cef wrote

You thought sunflower oil was just for cooking. In fact, you can use Sunflower oil to soften up your leather, use it for wounds (apparently) and even condition your hair.

######Extra fun fact!

Firecracker - This flower produces massive amounts of gold and russet blooms and grows two to three feet in height. Just as the Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Gold, it is a perfect flower to add to your fall arrangements because of its many dark colors.


scottwax t1_itf38vp wrote

My dad had one as a company car. And one of my brothers would count every other Cordoba he saw. It got pretty irritating.


PrivateIsotope t1_itd80ir wrote

What ever happened to Jelly shoes? Seemed like every girl had a pair during the 80s and they just all disappeared by 92?


Junkpunch44 t1_itdej2h wrote

Any idea what movie this was in?


Saltydogusn t1_itcpnu3 wrote

Chillin' on a Chrysler Cordoba, with the Corinthian leather!


rrhogger t1_itcrj3z wrote

That's "Fine Corinthian leather" 😉


phlebonaut t1_itcq0dr wrote

Must be filming a movie judging by the crew behind him.


Pure-Negotiation-900 t1_ite9xhf wrote

The Dude of Oakland. The Duder or Duderino, if your not into the brevity thing.


RA242 t1_itdfls2 wrote

Right on, Chrysler Cordoba was my first car in 1993 for 300 bucks...probably same one:(


Dillweed999 t1_itetwvb wrote

Careful you might get pregnant just looking at this post


rrhogger t1_itcrlgt wrote

Him and his ride looking sharp!


saucyB52 t1_iteurrb wrote

id be jelly too, livin in oakland wen the obviouse supiorior option is san fransisco just across the bay


Ornery-Reception3400 t1_itxfs14 wrote

I know this block! Pretty sure my friend’s barber shop is in the building behind. Dax Lee’s Barber Shop!