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Norwegian27 t1_iu6tild wrote

Can you imagine that? Factual reporting?


ItDoesntMatter59 t1_iu85euw wrote

This is how the BBC works.

A news presenter got in trouble last week for expressing an opinion that she was glad the PM got replaced. Supposed to be neutral and factual


TheDerbySlasher t1_iu91ne4 wrote

The BBC is heavily biased towards one political party right now, the conservatives.


ItDoesntMatter59 t1_iua2ioc wrote

You think? Not how Truss was reported.

Conservatives think they are biased to labour

The left think they are biased to conservatives

I know your political leanings


pbradley179 t1_iu8ygxi wrote

America thinks Britain's just the fictional country Hogwarts is in these days, man. Fox News don't tell them otherwise.


No-Monitor-5333 t1_iu8je75 wrote

The problem is that it doesn’t appeal to a large market. People like to hear news that confirms their worldview. Hard to make money selling facts


L0st_in_the_Stars OP t1_iu6usb8 wrote

Scientists are still debating whether the ozone hole was caused by the spray needed to maintain his hair helmet.


zgrizz t1_iu6rt45 wrote

Koppel wasn't bad, but he was no Cronkite. He allowed the opinions of the network executives to influence his reporting, something, as far as anyone has ever been able to tell, Walter never allowed.


L0st_in_the_Stars OP t1_iu6s6n1 wrote

Cronkite had the advantage of working in the era when the networks didn't look at their news divisions as profit centers.


DarthDregan t1_iu6vvxv wrote

That problem cropped up beginning with Murrow, which is long before this dude. And Kronkite had no problem giving his opinion. His famous Vietnam episode for example.


DarthDregan t1_iu6vpxr wrote

Definitely his real hair.


AzLibDem t1_iu73tm2 wrote

It actually was. He talked about it in an interview that, early on, he didn't go to a barber; he used one of those combs that had a razor blade in it.

Following the "America Held Hostage" run, the network insisted that they bring in a real hair stylist.


Mfsmitty t1_iu7hqzw wrote

It was a toupee. At least later in his career.. He adjusted it in public several times, once on TV, as a joke.


daksalansheperd t1_iu6s1oq wrote

Factual? Well, maybe when he started but he's certainly let his own political bias bleed into his reporting since.


mlperiwinkle t1_iu8jcmg wrote

Oh for the days of news reported instead of inflammatory rhetoric meant to heighten nervous systems everywhere


merkaba_462 t1_iu74l3s wrote

And now we get the opinions of randos on the internet who post thoughts instead of facts.


daveescaped t1_iu7gemz wrote

I’m Ted Koppel and this ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….is Nightline.


NotOK1955 t1_iu8s05k wrote

When the word “journalist” actually had merit.


sevenwheel t1_iu73l8z wrote

I remember that. We watched it every night. I also remember the day that he announced that the daily broadcast was being formalized into his new program called "Nightline."

It had the same sort of in-the-moment immediate vibe as the daily press conferences in the early days of the Covid shutdown.


slater_just_slater t1_iu8ml7m wrote

Unwittingly, this countdown really helped Reagan get elected. It was a nightly reminder.


KnavishBoot t1_iu8tocq wrote

Not nearly as much as the complete incompetence of Carter.


_Bon_Vivant_ t1_iu9spt9 wrote

Nightline was the the catalyst that spawned the News for Profit, and thereby the Sensationalist fear mongering that we have in the news today. Nightline birthed Fox News and CNN.

Before Nightline, news was a loss leader in TV broadcasting. Networks lost money broadcasting news. Networks only ran news because the FCC required it in order to obtain and maintain a broadcast license. But the benefit for society was, since they weren't trying to attract eyeballs to the screen for ad revenue, they could keep the news to honest, boring news. They didn't need to sensationalize stories by appealing to viewers primal instincts of fear, sex and gossip.

Now, fear is the main driver of society, and bad actor adversarial governments have leveraged that fact to topple their adversaries from the inside, and social media has only amplified their ability to do that exponentially.

Democracy itself is threatened by what Nightline spawned.


Kitten_Team_Six t1_iu7o3b2 wrote

Yea they made sure that prisoner def aint seeing shit with a bedsheet wrapped on his head


Whateveryousaydude7 t1_iu7u5b6 wrote

I trusted him. And I wish I could still hear his and Cronkite’s soothing voices.


Takpusseh-yamp t1_iu7jli8 wrote

FoxNews: "But lying is so much easier and gets us what we want."


milspecgsd t1_iu8u8ob wrote

Unheard of today w the loonie leftist MSM.