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Caveman108 t1_iu2l71m wrote

Still sketches me out that y’all wear all that and I’m sitting there in a hospital gown. Like logically I get it, I’m being exposed once and you are there all day 5 days a week, but my lizard brain is like “something ain’t right here.”


AlexandrinaIsHere t1_iu39avy wrote

Got dental x-rays at the school downtown. Forget if there was a reason or if the student just goofed the order of operations, but the student got me and the xray machine situated then grabbed the lead apron I was supposed to wear. And I wasn't feeling squeamish about it, so I was cool with him just laying it across my torso.

But when he ducked around the corner to stand in an x-ray proof box and the damn apron was sliding off my chest I did my best to grab on to it and keep it over my vital organs.