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1Sluggo t1_itxceoz wrote

Wow, 54 years is one hella accomplishment. I wish them all the best.


cingerix t1_itzcapp wrote

lol, i think you meant "hell of a".

"hella" is like a synonym for "very".


ScottGilbert t1_itzdq2j wrote

Hell of an*


cingerix t1_itzdujs wrote

haha, true!

funny that you're getting upvoted and i'm getting downvoted when we both agree lol.


Boxsquid0 t1_itzgg95 wrote

the colloquialism is helluva, but what is English anyway


cingerix t1_itzi8by wrote

yeah that spelling works just as well!

"hella" is just a completely different slang word lol


montdidier t1_iu1ptt1 wrote

My best guess as to why you are getting downvoted is because folks consider these expressions to simply be morphological clippings/contractions of the original expression. While it is commonly used as an adjectival intensifier they don’t agree with your assertion that it is different altogether and you have introduced an irrelevant argument and have distracted from a perfectly relatable comment.