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30tpirks t1_itxe6k7 wrote

He may have his serious face on but I bet he’s funny AF.


madzquinn7 OP t1_itxesnm wrote

Quite possibly one of the greatest undiscovered comedians to ever exist


Whiteroses7252012 t1_ityz2m8 wrote

I had a great uncle with the most serious poker face on earth.

The man would regularly make me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.


treditor13 t1_itze34s wrote

In cases like these, you have to post a "today" picture also.


madzquinn7 OP t1_itzx1ie wrote

It’s tagged to another comment on here if you’d like to check it out


PNWProbs t1_itxv4n6 wrote

When I first saw the picture I thought to myself this looks like a very happy guy trying to put his serious face on. Rather unconvincingly I might add. Congratulations to your aunt and uncle! May they have many more happy years together!


[deleted] t1_ityntgw wrote



cingerix t1_itzccnf wrote

.....the second sentence is confusing me


ohhhh no wonder, it's one of those weird spambots that tried to copy someone else's comment but changed a few of the words... so that now it doesn't make any sense 😂