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soylentblueispeople t1_itxii79 wrote

Your title made me do a double take, I thought you were saying they were siblings that were married. But not only that, that all the other siblings also married but broke up. Then I noticed a difference in skin tones, and thought maybe he was adopted. Then I thought a little more and decided I may have misinterpreted the title.


WorshipNickOfferman t1_ityl3vs wrote

I was trying to figure out how that odd number worked. The polygamous, multiracial, incestuous siblings had me confused too.


madzquinn7 OP t1_itzx5z6 wrote

Worded poorly, my mistake. Aunt Penny is the oldest of my grandfathers four siblings, and out of those five kids are the only couple still married.


Rattivarius t1_iu01mcv wrote

It was worded fine. I understand exactly what you wrote.


digdugbug t1_itzh5qz wrote

You missed "Summer of 69".


soylentblueispeople t1_itzi902 wrote

Bryan Adams once personally kicked my girlfriend out of an acoustic set he was doing. She kept shouting for him to play summer of 69.


PN_Guin t1_itynepf wrote

It would have been slightly easier had op stated if it were his aunts or uncles siblings that got divorced.


su6oxone t1_itz550n wrote

Most people assumed it was poor writing.