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That-Disaster-5746 t1_ity929h wrote

In '69 it was rather a fad among young affluent women to have relationships with black men as a sort of protest to the racism of the affluent middle class. A "be the change you seek" sort of thing. I'd say in all likelihood it was more likely in '69 than '79. By '79 the idealism of the 60s was gone, absorbed as the young people got their corporate jobs and raised families, and recession and inflation were gutting the middle class.


HoldenMadicky t1_ityhez2 wrote

Sure, but marriage? You might be right in general, but I'd wager that marrying across the racial boundaries was not something you did back then on a whim (unless you got knocked up).


krevko t1_itymdvt wrote

You are confusing marriage with just hanging around


That-Disaster-5746 t1_iu39lhm wrote

IDK, I've known some middle class white women who are 60s leftists from the SF bay area. I'm not going to go into the deeper motivations other than all of them had very successful workaholic fathers. Anyway, marriages/children were pretty common.


Tarrolis t1_itzfla5 wrote

When the boomers said forget progress, my family and white people come first. Neocon 80s.


amcfatboy t1_itzccyg wrote

Also the BBC was growing in stature back then. It's broadcasting capacity was lengthy, and reached areas even VOA had trouble getting to.


amcfatboy t1_iu01i2b wrote

Oh sure, so the one about woman playing the white savoir by granting a blank man a date or even marriage to prove her elders a thing or two is just great, but we can't talk about the British Broadcasting Company.


That-Disaster-5746 t1_iu393az wrote

You're more blunt than i wanted to be, but yeah. I don't get the BBC reference. What are you referring to? Not a Brit so I'm probably missing some cultural context.