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GlorkyClark t1_ityhrpm wrote

For context in case anyone is wondering, the SCOTUS only ruled that laws against interracial marriage were unconstitutional one year before this picture was taken.


madzquinn7 OP t1_ityhwoy wrote

Wow, I didn’t even realize how soon after the ruling they were married, thanks for that information!


goldenthoughtsteal t1_iu16hac wrote

Makes the couple even more magnificent, and damn the world was REALLY f'd up not that long ago ( and it's far far from perfect now)


cheeky23monkey t1_iu09eo1 wrote

Current SCOTUS may undo this. Vote blue, people!


GlorkyClark t1_iu1aawz wrote

Imagine hating your wife so much that you join the Supreme Court and overturn the right for you to be married.