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Vivid_Local_3167 t1_itxbwuw wrote

Thank you so much for sharing! I hope your aunt and uncle are doing well.


madzquinn7 OP t1_itxc9vg wrote

They’re still alive and kicking! Still very much in love. My aunt penny was a school administrator for over thirty years. Uncle Joel was always jovial and eccentric with a great love for musical theater and the arts. They lived in separate domiciles for most of their marriage but always spent their days together and called each other on the phone every night before going to bed. They accredit living separately as the key to their marital success ♥️


1Sluggo t1_itxceoz wrote

Wow, 54 years is one hella accomplishment. I wish them all the best.


30tpirks t1_itxe6k7 wrote

He may have his serious face on but I bet he’s funny AF.


soylentblueispeople t1_itxii79 wrote

Your title made me do a double take, I thought you were saying they were siblings that were married. But not only that, that all the other siblings also married but broke up. Then I noticed a difference in skin tones, and thought maybe he was adopted. Then I thought a little more and decided I may have misinterpreted the title.


ZapatillaLoca t1_itxkdgk wrote

Courageous people, love certainly does conquer all.


19Jamie76 t1_itxnj3b wrote

Nice couple. She looks happy. He looks serious. Interesting juxtaposition.


PNWProbs t1_itxv4n6 wrote

When I first saw the picture I thought to myself this looks like a very happy guy trying to put his serious face on. Rather unconvincingly I might add. Congratulations to your aunt and uncle! May they have many more happy years together!


madzquinn7 OP t1_itxwe0s wrote

It’s so funny because their personalities are so opposite what’s shown here. She’s always been more serious whereas he could make a mime laugh. He was always good at getting her going, I love watching their interactions


money10adventures t1_itxwj9f wrote

Would love to see a current picture of them next to this one


Marty_Br t1_itxz27z wrote

Five siblings on which side?


madzquinn7 OP t1_itxzwgy wrote

Yeah, no. Very much in love, three kids together. They lived separately so my uncle could raise the kids in the same district all their lives and she moved around the state doing administrative work. After the kids left, it’s just what worked for their lifestyle. It’s okay to be straight, married, and a fan of your own independence. 🤷🏼‍♀️


HoldenMadicky t1_itxzzp3 wrote

A black man and a white woman marrying in 1969... Yeah, I'd expect them to still be together. Takes some balls to do that shit back then.


madzquinn7 OP t1_ity16li wrote

We have a few LGBTQ+ in the family, one who came out to my great grandparents as early as the 50s. There was never a lack of support or love so if they were gay, seems pretty silly to hide it for 50+ years.


MichaelRossJD t1_ity5ph0 wrote

She looks straight out of the 60's, I feel like I saw him walking down the street yesterday. Cool pic


OldCarWorshipper t1_ity7v9e wrote

Lovely couple!

I have to ask- how were they usually treated, given the context of the times? Were they fortunate enough to live in a fairly liberal and progressive community?


madzquinn7 OP t1_ity876p wrote

My aunt Penny’s family was in a suburb outside of Akron OH when they met and married. I haven’t heard them talk about those times much (I can only imagine) but very soon after they moved to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and lived there for most of the 70s. Aunt Penny has described those years as easily the best of her life. My family has always treated Joel as one of our own, and their branch of the family went on to be by far the most successful, full of lawyers, teachers, and football players.


th902 t1_ity929t wrote

Does it not bother you at all that you're just repeating the same shit phrase that everyone else has already done to death?

It lends a certain irony to your comment on brain function when you're going around mindlessly parroting like that.


That-Disaster-5746 t1_ity929h wrote

In '69 it was rather a fad among young affluent women to have relationships with black men as a sort of protest to the racism of the affluent middle class. A "be the change you seek" sort of thing. I'd say in all likelihood it was more likely in '69 than '79. By '79 the idealism of the 60s was gone, absorbed as the young people got their corporate jobs and raised families, and recession and inflation were gutting the middle class.


Sidewalk_Tomato t1_ityamab wrote

There's a married couple in my family that similarly, lived apart a lot (career reasons). They're still going strong, and have been together as long as yours.

It's not for everyone, but I find their untraditional qualities to be inspiring.


madzquinn7 OP t1_ityb67h wrote

I love they set that bar in their relationship. It’s been inspirational to marriages like mine where my husband is oversees half the year. Embracing my independence and his as a basic human necessity makes me love my partner even more


Plaster_Lion t1_itybvep wrote

My best to these two. The juxtaposition of their expressions is very funny to me. I really like it.


godnrop t1_itydcee wrote

Looks like a still photo from GET OUT movie


withak30 t1_ityfmdc wrote

Fucked up that siblings are marrying each other.


GlorkyClark t1_ityhrpm wrote

For context in case anyone is wondering, the SCOTUS only ruled that laws against interracial marriage were unconstitutional one year before this picture was taken.


DWright_5 t1_itypkpk wrote

Whose siblings? Hers or his?


DWright_5 t1_ityq6yj wrote

This would remove my main uneasiness about committed relationships. By now I have found that I need my own space in order to be happy. I was always in relationships, my whole life, and I’m struggling a bit this year, being single for an extended period for the first time in ages. I don’t know what the next chapter will hold


The_Sanch1128 t1_ityqxlw wrote

Congratulations to them on a long and I hope happy marriage!


Ajira2 t1_itz1gmk wrote

Your disgust is simply a result of constant conditioning by media since you were young.

At literally any other point in the history of the world, my view is the accepted one. I’ll stand by it, thank you very much.


frothdoctor t1_itz2enw wrote

In Trump Voice "your wife's a dog, you've got a dog wife, Joel"


stex5150 t1_itz363d wrote

"Out of five siblings, they’re the only couple still together today." I believe you are saying this wrong, at least I sure hope so. If these ARE siblings there would have been a lot more questions long before 1969... Please open a search page and look up "siblings".


su6oxone t1_itz52z6 wrote

They look like a happy couple.


Bestrahen t1_itz8gjw wrote

That’s awesome my parents were married in 69’, shortly after that my father joined the Navy. They are still married and yesterday 10/26 my wife and I have been married 26 years. 😄


Ajira2 t1_itzbjrt wrote

Times change, people don’t.

Glad she was one of the lucky ones who didn’t pay the toll. Sad she’s used as propaganda that will get other White women abused and killed.


cingerix t1_itzccnf wrote

.....the second sentence is confusing me


ohhhh no wonder, it's one of those weird spambots that tried to copy someone else's comment but changed a few of the words... so that now it doesn't make any sense 😂


Corpjusticewarrior t1_itzehtp wrote

Just another proof that interracial couples are better and last longer.


Fit-Rest-973 t1_itzjtyk wrote

That marriage must have been met with resistance. Congratulations


Electrical-Earth-235 t1_itzq1x1 wrote

‘69 was a good year for at least 2 reasons: these two got married and the Beatles put out Abbey Road!


PunktualPenguin t1_itzr6wy wrote

When a lot of people want to rip them apart, I guess they got good at sticking together. I hope they've been happy years and I hope they have many more to come =)


Samtoast t1_itzrtla wrote

Penny married her brother Joel which would have been frowned upon except Joel was a Brother from another m Mother twice removed so it was deemed acceptable


elmaki2014 t1_itzwd78 wrote

He so needed to smile as I bet it would light the room up!


Crazeek67 t1_itzwimn wrote

Exactly this is the first thing that comes to mind. This is pure love. I lived in Virginia for like two years with my daughter. I made it my business to visit the site where the Lovings lived.


madzquinn7 OP t1_itzwttq wrote

Surprisingly strong. Being the oldest of my grandfathers siblings and easily the most well adjusted, she has an extremely matronly way about her and you can’t help but want to be close to her. My cousins were given the world by these two and were always appreciative


amcfatboy t1_iu01i2b wrote

Oh sure, so the one about woman playing the white savoir by granting a blank man a date or even marriage to prove her elders a thing or two is just great, but we can't talk about the British Broadcasting Company.


d1duck2020 t1_iu01pg2 wrote

Great uncle? He must be a great husband as well!


cheeky23monkey t1_iu0aizo wrote

I was a young nurse back in the early 90s on a cancer floor in St Louis, MO and had a black woman as a patient. Her husband was white. Their kids were college aged, so they married around the same time. I have never seen a couple more in love. I could see her heart rate go up and her face light up when he walked in. I cannot imagine the hardships they endured just to be together. We cannot let this country go back to undoing these rights to marriage. Thanks for sharing this photo. Thanks for your loving family being a part of our country. Thanks for further sharing their story.


PuffDaddy_420 t1_iu0b2m7 wrote

Love this picture idk why lol thanks for sharing


Quuen2queenslevel3 t1_iu0kv7y wrote

Finally. A post that’s actually OLD SCHOOL. Not something from 80 or 90’s


Xeludon t1_iu0m4sd wrote

Well ofcourse they're still together.

The amount of hatred, discrimination and racism they must've faced throughout their lives, they didn't go through that to split up.


krichard-21 t1_iu0tkik wrote

That had to be a challenge. Everyday, grinding, challenge.

Damn brave of them.


ThePalmIsle t1_iu0vaik wrote

I’ve seen them in a few videos online actually. They seem happy like you say but she sure does make a lot of noise


Your_Daddy_ t1_iu1bf76 wrote

Cause they had to fight the hardest for their love.


GoodGoodGoody t1_iu1dv0t wrote

I made a toast at my sister’s wedding for them not to take any family advice because the divorce rate was 100%. People laughed. People gave dirty looks. Sister was grumpy as usual. 10/10 would do it again.

Your great aunt and uncle look like ‘great’ people.


ciunarcis t1_iu1md5x wrote

I love the way she’s looking at him. He’s so handsome.


montdidier t1_iu1ptt1 wrote

My best guess as to why you are getting downvoted is because folks consider these expressions to simply be morphological clippings/contractions of the original expression. While it is commonly used as an adjectival intensifier they don’t agree with your assertion that it is different altogether and you have introduced an irrelevant argument and have distracted from a perfectly relatable comment.


MIALAX t1_iu25y1z wrote

Beautiful couple 😍 let’s see pictures of your cousins!


That-Disaster-5746 t1_iu39lhm wrote

IDK, I've known some middle class white women who are 60s leftists from the SF bay area. I'm not going to go into the deeper motivations other than all of them had very successful workaholic fathers. Anyway, marriages/children were pretty common.