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SpinalVinyl t1_itn9csw wrote

I'm a 38 year old cinephile... and I'm just learning NOW that her father was Tony Curtis. Jesus, I'm an idiot. I always knew her mother was Janet Leigh and thought, yelp thats the end of that ::facepalm::


top_of_the_stairs t1_itnf6k6 wrote

38 in two months, also a lifelong lover of movies, also knew her mom was Janet Leigh... also just learning Tony Curtis was her father. We are two very selectively oblivious people lmfao


lexxatron84 t1_ito22f2 wrote

WTH, I'm also 38, avid movie fan and I too didn't know this. So do we, like, start a club or something? How does this work?


Hanginon t1_itnw6cj wrote

"Jamie Lee CURTIS"

¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯


SluttyDrPepper t1_ito9tnk wrote

She looks identical to her dad too. I’m one of those weirdos that has to Wikipedia all the actors/actresses in a movie while I’m watching, so I learned this a while ago. But pretty cool she doesn’t mention it. I like her. Halloween is one of my favorite films.


SpinkAkron t1_itnc22p wrote

Just said something similar to my wife. One of my favorite movies, btw.


BSB8728 t1_itpuwgo wrote

It's hilarious. I had watched it several times on TV and then got to see it on the big screen a couple of years back. The theater was packed -- literally no seats left.


tikachu22 t1_itnjgpx wrote

I just saw this too and went. What?!? And now I feel dumb as hell. Sigh.


wjbc t1_itrjv4z wrote

That might be due to the fact that Tony Curtis disappeared from her life after her parents divorced in 1962. Jamie Lee was raised by her mother and her stepfather, stockbroker Robert Brandt.


Florafly t1_ito57r3 wrote

This is such a good movie. One of my all-time favourites. Marilyn was glorious in it.


Columbus43219 t1_itompeh wrote

One of my favorite TV moments. She got some award and took him as her +1. She thanked him during the speech and did an imitation of him in a big accent "I love you Spartacus, like a brotha!" And they showed his face doing all the emotions. So sweet!


lowercase_underscore t1_itpm3up wrote

That sounds adorable, any idea where to find it?


Columbus43219 t1_itpvapg wrote

I tried... no luck. He was still in good health, and she's gotten a lot of awards.


lowercase_underscore t1_itpztsv wrote

Thank you so much for trying, that was very nice of you!

She has gotten a lot of awards, and they had an interesting dynamic.

Have an lovely day, you're a great person so take care of you!


Stewpacolypse t1_itneo8p wrote

Don't let any right-wingers see this.


RoninRobot t1_itnfpcr wrote

They look like a couple of bosom buddies.


ActNo8507 t1_itoral5 wrote

Spectacular photo, thanks for posting.


Lepke2011 t1_itnlw4h wrote

Dude!!! That's Michael Myers in the background!!!


themikeswitch t1_itpboi2 wrote

hilarious movie actually holds up pretty well


Modus_Opp t1_itp3x9z wrote

You mean the Baroness Haden-Guest on set visiting her father, I presume...

Also, I genuinely didn't know she was Tony Curtis's kid until a few moments ago.


Hopefulkitty t1_itqafdw wrote

Janet Leighs and Tony Curtis' daughter, married to Sir Christopher Guest, who she requested a date with through their managers because she thought he was funny. She's gotta have a million stories, and seems like a really nice lady.


Modus_Opp t1_itqkxyk wrote

I only know that she's a massive WOW fan I think and cos plays fairly often..

Honestly she's one of those celebs I'd be super happy to meet.


JTCHlife t1_itpq1fv wrote

Thanks so much for share this as I have been looking for that movie title, ever since I watch a clip from it and noticed Tony was the guy from the clip.


Unperfectblue t1_itpx47p wrote

"Look what the woke left try to doe with your kids"


crowmagnuman t1_itpdmzu wrote

She looked a bit mannish back then, IMHO


JCazzz t1_itppai3 wrote

She was boy at birth but it was changed to girl for some reason. I never learned why and she doesn’t discuss it. She’s still one of my favorites.


StartingToLoveIMSA t1_itpsz4a wrote

uh, what?


JCazzz t1_itptcbn wrote

Yes. Verified via birth records and the birth announcement from the papers. Hospital said they welcomed a son and newspaper posted article with then and their son. So many rumors why they changed it but it all worked out and she was able to marry a British Baron and adopt children and have successful career.


[deleted] t1_itn8psx wrote



Dr_Peach OP t1_itncxhy wrote

Wouldn't you, too, if you were hiding from the Chicago mob trying to kill you for being the only civilian eyewitnesses to the St. Valentine's Day massacre?


oxymoronisanoxymoron t1_itndkpb wrote

Does it get you going? Watch Tootsie if you like that kinda stuff.


Reatona t1_ito0k31 wrote

Tootsie is really a good comedy-drama, with a great cast. I don't know what "kinda stuff" you're thinking of, it's not a porn movie.