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calguy1955 t1_ixe95rt wrote

They would also ferry servicemen to different bases. These women wanted to serve the war effort but they weren’t allowed in combat so they formed the WASP service and had them fly around the states.


LanceFree t1_ixf1lli wrote

A friend of the family was in the first class of Wasps. She said the planes were designed for men, she actually had to sit on phonebooks or manuals.


breetome t1_ixebdek wrote

Cool! Thanks for sharing. I know there was a small bit of a war documentary that mentioned these ladies. They were probably thrilled to be able to fly and help out.


carmium t1_ixf5x2z wrote

In the UK they had Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF). These women ferried every type of aircraft imaginable, with some having flown virtually every single-, twin-, and four-engined plane available. And most loved Spitfires the best!


HawkeyeTen t1_ixengnz wrote

They flew them to Britain and other areas as well, from what I've read. Truly astonishing ladies.


phasefournow t1_ixh8pi2 wrote

Took them nearly 50 years to get Government recognition and receive any kind of veterans benefits.