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SvenSvenkill3 t1_ix5jlvb wrote

Not strictly true, OP. After WWII he was Leader of the Opposition from 1945-1951, then Prime Minister from 1951-1955.

He retired ten years after WWII ended in 1955 and later died in 1965.


Fluxtration t1_ix5socf wrote

He did write and publish a how-to book on painting before he died.


dubiousadvocate t1_ix5puyl wrote

Fun fact, the alcohol thing was staged and overstated. Part of late Victorian norms. His own employees said it was basically a single rocks glass that was mostly ice and soda water, refreshed over the day with again mostly ice and soda water, and at most ten fingers over the course of his typical sixteen hour day. Not to say he could not hold his liquor. He could. But it was performance art that was hardly unusual at the time.


GarbledComms t1_ix5serb wrote

I really prefer to think of Churchill planning British WW2 strategy while blackout drunk.


dubiousadvocate t1_ix60gnp wrote

Heh. No. WC was in fact probably one of the most competent men of his age with the power and money behind him to make it stick. In early years he was a glory and attention seeker, lied extravagantly to get what he wanted. He was what Mark Twain would have called the perfect humbug, a liar to get what he wanted but once there a competent beast who changed the direction of world history. Just like Mark Twain.

Churchill was basically one of the last scions who had to endure Americans propping up their lifestyle. His mother was a rich American who, by the terms of the day, whored herself across European aristocracy to claim titles not available in centuries before. They sought her out for her acumen with money and power, and she was an intelligent woman who understood the times and her powers. I admire her but she was not a nice person.

She built up a rich and broad network of lovers with circumspect values and neglected young Winston but in later years as she grew up enlisted them all to launch Winston. His meteoric career would not have been possible without it.


Cetun t1_ix67cgc wrote

I hold the opinion that he was actually strategically one of the least competent.


Waffletimewarp t1_ix6qvjj wrote

Hey, thatโ€™s more or less standard operating procedure for the Tories these days.


MrJohnnyDangerously t1_ix5szcs wrote

High as balls on Amphetamines, too


Cetun t1_ix66ry3 wrote

People forget you could buy Amphetamines OTC up until the 70s.


steve41015 t1_ix5y8wj wrote

Well he also drank.



SomeConsumer t1_ix6ddun wrote

Last year, his painting "Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque" sold st auction for $11.5 million.


BuyNo4013 t1_ix73bmu wrote

The Churchill fact which impresses me most is that he is a Nobel Prize winner, however not for his incommensurable contribution to Allied victory in WWII, but for Literature, mostly for his History of Britain. What a genius!


Clean_Farmer1822 t1_ix9fiuw wrote

Here we see the reflection of the prime minister, after winning the second world war.


RodCherokee t1_ix5qcid wrote

He also very much enjoyed brick-laying.


Practical-Ordinary-6 t1_ix64fmu wrote

And playing the tambourine.

We're making stuff up, right?


RodCherokee t1_ix6atkj wrote

No, bricklaying - Google Churchill / bricklaying. A brilliant man.


Practical-Ordinary-6 t1_ix6bvw9 wrote

I read some of his books. I never heard that mentioned. It's one of those fascinating things to watch how they can be so perfect, yet still smooth and efficient.


RodCherokee t1_ix6c9ue wrote

I do not remember him writing a book on bricklaying, no !


Flat-Mind-1144 t1_ix6hv3q wrote

And smoking. And drinking. And repeat.


its_just_flesh t1_ix6vwvc wrote

All that shit took a toll on him, had to relax


GSDRS t1_ix89g17 wrote

Why history lionizes this guy is beyond me. But ok he smokes and drinks and paints.


CarlSpencer t1_ix5g1up wrote

He was also adept at laying brick! Not easy for an amateur!


PhantomTroupe-2 t1_ix5ao3d wrote

This is a cool picture but what we donโ€™t recognize is heโ€™s actually drawing all the old super offensive Disney cartoons


[deleted] t1_ix5g9c3 wrote



PhantomTroupe-2 t1_ix5jcrq wrote

Yeah and most of the offensive Disney bits were from WW2 or before anyways, you wanna poke any more holes in my joke or


thx1138a t1_ix9534k wrote

I liked the joke. Seems it went over some heads.๐Ÿ˜€


PhantomTroupe-2 t1_ixaqpac wrote

Yeah people get touchy about Churchill, the British must have found this post