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Heh. No. WC was in fact probably one of the most competent men of his age with the power and money behind him to make it stick. In early years he was a glory and attention seeker, lied extravagantly to get what he wanted. He was what Mark Twain would have called the perfect humbug, a liar to get what he wanted but once there a competent beast who changed the direction of world history. Just like Mark Twain.

Churchill was basically one of the last scions who had to endure Americans propping up their lifestyle. His mother was a rich American who, by the terms of the day, whored herself across European aristocracy to claim titles not available in centuries before. They sought her out for her acumen with money and power, and she was an intelligent woman who understood the times and her powers. I admire her but she was not a nice person.

She built up a rich and broad network of lovers with circumspect values and neglected young Winston but in later years as she grew up enlisted them all to launch Winston. His meteoric career would not have been possible without it.


Cetun t1_ix67cgc wrote

I hold the opinion that he was actually strategically one of the least competent.


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Hey, that’s more or less standard operating procedure for the Tories these days.