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Singularjig t1_ixpkmx3 wrote

‟This -- this cup of tea, it is not really a cup of tea at all. It’s in fact laced with cyanide and a drop of my dead mother’s medically-preserved blood. This mixture, I’ve been assured, will untraceably and effectively kill the female lead of my movie but a few moments after shooting is concluded. I have this on good authority. Join me now as we explore whether this is in fact true.”

‟E-excuse me, Mr Hitchcock, but the set is ready for you.”

‟Thank you, Herbert, thank you.”


Ciordad t1_ixpzvau wrote

Elegance personified.


HawkeyeTen t1_ixqp4ew wrote

Feminine strength as well. I've always seen her as a steel rose, a woman you would not want to get on the bad side of.


RepostSleuthBot t1_ixpjrm7 wrote

Looks like a repost. I've seen this image 3 times.

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Zachbnonymous t1_ixr45vf wrote

He looks like a cartoon lol like he's going to ask me for a hamburger he can't pay for


KirkSpockMcCoy t1_ixq5orh wrote

Sitting in Cary Grants chair too...


HawkeyeTen t1_ixqoo0h wrote

I'm imagining this now: "Grace, get out of my chair!" *Grace Kelly turns and gives Grant one of her elegant, but nasty glares* "On second thought, never mind." *Grace smirks in satisfaction*

She was one woman where you'd be a little afraid to ask to her to move. Highly elegant, but fierce and sometimes even intimidating.


frijoess t1_ixqyil0 wrote

Love the little tea picnic laid out on the grass 🫖


3eeps t1_ixpnf0l wrote

"Is uh ish uh cc c up of tea"