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RapAndCereal t1_iw3w2rz wrote

You’re either the little one or the one dressed for a funeral


Poullafouca OP t1_iw3xgi9 wrote

God, I never saw it that way.....Hahaaaa. He was a nice stepdad. I was a fashion student.


erwachen t1_iwa9j5s wrote

This outfit is everything so I'm not surprised. Love the hat.


YeahIGotNuthin t1_iw4cojp wrote

“It would not be long before my music career took off. Helped by the advent of MTV a few short years later, we would have a Number 1 hit, “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me,” and this look would be my hallmark.”


Poullafouca OP t1_iw4wirw wrote

Oh, I was definitely part of that whole scene, too.


mdjmd73 t1_iw4c1jh wrote

Wearing black to a wedding? Ouch. 😬


Poullafouca OP t1_iw4wlh2 wrote

They did have a reasonably happy marriage, and had been together for about ten years at this point,


whatwhatinthebutt456 t1_iw584k0 wrote

You look like the mysterious rich auntie who never got married and travels and is just generally fabulous and never stays in town long enough to get bored


friendlyperson123 t1_iw5l8ag wrote

This. This is quality Old School Cool. You have made me very happy today.


motornedneil t1_iw4g067 wrote

Fade to gray , way before it was a thing


Poullafouca OP t1_iw4wqge wrote

Correct, Punk had ended, and the next youth cult was in a state of becoming.


Hansestaedter t1_iw52cfc wrote

Black to a wedding? Well I guess that’s one delicate way to say „F*ck you!“ to the married couple…


Poullafouca OP t1_iw53kei wrote

Not at all, it was just the look I was married to. When my older sister got married two years before this, I had to dye my punk pink hair brown and wear a really normal dress to the reception. During that afternoon all my aunts told me I looked weird dressed as a normal person, so by the time my mother's wedding rolled round, I just did my thing.

I think they thought I looked daft more than anything.


Hansestaedter t1_iw54jjj wrote

Well if it wasn’t „a thing“ like in a lot of families, it’s okay I guess. 😄


lottalitter t1_iw67hry wrote

The woman to your right is owning her look too. I covet that white button up


Crafty_Tangerine5511 t1_iw5jooi wrote

I can relate. Acquired a new stepfam in 1977. Hope yours was not a disaster, but at least you started in style!


wellhushmypuppies t1_iw6v3q9 wrote

I can't believe we actually chose to wear our hair like that once upon a time. God help us.


AbbreviationsFun4560 t1_iw76fb4 wrote

Benny Hill runs by……. You all chase him in a straight line.