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ReleventReferences t1_iwyvzyf wrote

For the longest time I thought I was hallucinating that thing’s existence.


IdyllicOleander OP t1_iwywcha wrote

I watched it in class for the first time in elementary school (mid 90's) and for some reason I thought it went on for a lot longer than it did. Apparently it was only 13 episodes in 1984.


ZSpectre t1_iwyzq8c wrote

To this day, I remember what I'd do to purify sea water via a lengthy process using nothing but two jars and some leaves


amazingsandwiches t1_iwz512n wrote

Well don't just leave us hanging; I'm on a raft in the middle of The Pacific!


JmePie t1_iwzwo07 wrote

Me too! I think about this a lot, it’s my go to Survival move.


Bethymania t1_ix1r2bd wrote

The thing I remember most about that episode is the behind-the-scenes segment where little Ben Affleck went to the house of the guy who played the captain of the Mimi to see his home desalination experiments. I remember it because I thought the captain looked like he was high.


Weapon_X23 t1_iwz1mws wrote

There was a sequel in 1988 and that was my introduction to this series. I remember everyone else hating it in 5th grade, but I loved it because it was all about the Mayan empire.


Hairy_Stinkeye t1_ix02lv6 wrote

Tell me you’re from New England without telling me you’re from New England


Files44 t1_iwzxhxd wrote

I remember very little of the actual show, but I feel like we watched an episode every week in 6th grade (late 90’s 🤢).

Was there a woman with a missing arm in the show? For some reason I remember an amputee explaining “phantom feelings” in their arm; unless I am thinking of something completely different.

This was a very disjointed response to you but my mind is churning up all this nostalgia thanks to a single mention of the voyage of the Mimi. Whew.


Baranjula t1_ix19hkr wrote

Hahahaha pretty sure it was a deaf woman who felt vibrations in the ship to know what was happening.


MatthewMMorrow t1_ix1fd3n wrote

It was her leg! And it was The Second Voyage of the Mimi when they did archeology.


Files44 t1_ix1fqzf wrote

There were multiple Mimis?! Mimi? Mimi (pronounced me-my)? Mimis? How many Mimi were there?!

My, my.


MatthewMMorrow t1_ix1g8p8 wrote

Just the two. One year we did oceanography and the next we did archeology so we watched both. I liked the science interviews after the episodes. They seem to be on YouTube.


ZappyHeart t1_ix03hhs wrote

They had a second season where they go to South America.


pcpartthrowaway11 t1_ix21nxh wrote

That's it? It was literally long enough for Ben to live around Mexico and become fluent in spanish, dude is fluent to this day


Your_Daddy_ t1_ix2kkr1 wrote

In 84?

I watched it in 7th grade, that would have been around 1988-89…

Makes sense, it did feel kind of old dated at the time.


kickler t1_ix2ujvt wrote

me too! Sixth grade science i think. Laser disc was wild


DortDrueben t1_ix04ql1 wrote

True homies will remember that second season with South of the equator Mayan stuff going on with that one legged lady.

I remember with the shipwreck in season 1 our 4th grade teacher told us there was a demonstration of a serious life saving technique that involved people getting naked. Hypothermia/sharing body heat etc. He told the class anyone laughing or making jokes would be kicked out and sent to the office. I think one or two did and he was true to his word. One of my favorite teachers. He was retired US Coast Guard.

Bonus fun memory: Dude had so many live animals in his class. Including a Boa Constrictor. One day he was cleaning its pen and it had coiled around his full skeleton and he couldn't free it so he threw the whole thing back in as he was running out of time for the day to start. Us kids walk in and find the boa slithering through a human skeleton in its enclosure. WHAT HAPPENED?!


ehxy t1_ix099m2 wrote

Hell I thought fleck was just a boston boy who didn't get his start until he gambled it all moving to L.A. but....there goes that belief


mynewnameonhere t1_ix2eebx wrote

We went on a field trip to see the boat. Hands down the worst field trip of my life.


HighOnGoofballs t1_iwyxcur wrote

When the teacher would roll out that TV/VCR stand thing


sleepyj910 t1_iwz6rfj wrote

That Mimi theme song still plays in the background of my mind.


ryanleebmw t1_iwz7rf4 wrote

I could listen to absolutely anything else other than the intro to this show. I’m afraid to look it up and play it on YouTube because it’s been so many years now it’s been out of my head, but I don’t want to take the chance.

Aaaand I scrolled down to someone basically typing out how it sounds, and now I’m humming it in my head again, fuck!


Dr_D-R-E t1_iwzl8zb wrote

You know, it hadn’t for about 25 years…until now


Cantgoavay t1_iwzefww wrote

And be perplexed that the 'channel up' button wouldn't put it from channel 2 to channel 3, and the kids would be yelling to program the channels, to push 'step up' or push 0 3 Then to press 0 3 faster


TazeredAngel t1_iwz9enu wrote

That thing would break all the time and I would fix it. Probably why I became a technician later in life and Voyage of the Mimi was definitely one of those videos that got thrown in the laser disk.


nomadofwaves t1_iwzplbf wrote

I remember this series and having to plot the course of the ship on a map.


Ummando t1_iwz8cij wrote

Your teacher as well? Must've been a popular educational series in the 80s and early 90s. We had to watch it in middle school.


zoobrix t1_iwzl7qf wrote

You must have been in a rich school district, in 84 around where I grew up you'd still be using 16 mm film projectors for the most part. The VCR/TV cart set up only mostly replaced film by 1990 and even then I can still remember watching a few films in the early 90's. The film of a woman giving birth we watched in health class was infamous as it did not shy away from showing what having a baby really looked like.


HighOnGoofballs t1_iwzqwio wrote

Nope, standard public school. Maybe had two or three of these for the whole school so they got wheeled from classroom to classroom. We watched the challenger explode live on TV in the library too


lhp220 t1_iwzpm83 wrote

Right!? This just unlocked a third grade memory I had no idea I had


TheZuckuss t1_iwyxyr3 wrote

I watched this in 6th grade science 85/86.

Of course we all snickered when dude had to strip down to his underwear almost catching hypothermia.

That was this show, right? I don't think I was high.


andy1282 t1_iwz5lmo wrote

I thought one of the crew got hypothermia, so the guys stripped to their underwear and got in a big sleeping bag together to warm him up.


Bender3455 t1_iwz7h0h wrote

No, that's definitely it. It was the captain, if I remember right, so the 2 guys stripped and snuggled up with him to warm him up. There was also the deaf girl that could read lips.


slim_scsi t1_ix01o81 wrote

Ah, that old Boy Scouts trick!

"Sorry if my beard is scratchy, Canteen Boy, but it gives good backrubs"


mynewnameonhere t1_ix2eiuf wrote

Why is the the only thing I remember from the entire show? I couldn’t tell you a single other thing that happened.


TheZuckuss t1_iwz644k wrote

Yeah, something like that. It's been 36 years, so my memory is slipping. 😂


GabrielVonBabriel t1_iwz1jpj wrote

6th grade in 97 and I remember that scene and the snickering.


Bethymania t1_ix1q3p3 wrote

The kids in my class were not snickering, they were laughing their asses off. The teacher had to stop the laser disc player for a moment in order to yell at everyone.


ImRonBurgandy_ t1_iwz83c8 wrote

I’ve been trying to remember what crazy show had this when I was in elementary school. You have solved the mystery. Thank you!


cursethedarkness t1_iwz8syg wrote

Yep, that was the hypothermia episode. You might even have been in my class, because I remember lots of snickering.


elidefoe t1_ix05aj8 wrote

I remember my science teacher giving us a heads up a man in underwear was about to happen. Was pretty anti climatic. Also I have always looked for a 5 gallon bucket of peanut butter.


JohnnyAK907 t1_ix0rbbj wrote

We watched the 60's something version of Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade English class, and had to have our folks sign a waiver because Juliet shows boobie in one scene. We were all excited and the teacher let us know the moment was coming. It was like .5 second of boob and we were all disappointed after. She actually had to pause the film and lecture us because the entire class was murmuring about how lame and anti-climatic the whole thing was.


TheZuckuss t1_ix14fvm wrote

I remember that. It was a fleeting moment under the sheets.


Yamatoman9 t1_ix96rfs wrote

There was a big controversy at my school in 5th grade because a teacher let us watch Twister and they swear in it a couple times. We also watched Apollo 13 and a different teacher tried to fast forward past the swear words.


muldervinscully t1_iwzwd40 wrote

Lmaooooo absolutely. My friends and I laughed about it for years.


stellalunawitchbaby t1_ix08jdg wrote

5th grade for us, around 2000/2002. Part of the science unit, then we had to demonstrate some of the things they did (like the water thing - thankfully not the hypothermia thing). It was also tied into a humpback whale-watching field trip.


TheZuckuss t1_ix0dexe wrote

That sounds like an awesome field trip! I grew up in the metro Atlanta area, so we were nowhere near anywhere a whale could be seen.


Wissahickon t1_iwyxayq wrote

doo doo doooo doooo dooooo doo doo

edit: was missing an o


tormunds_beard t1_iwz301u wrote

is THAT where that's from? I remembered both the show and the song but lost the connection.


CurlSagan t1_iwyxrhc wrote

This picture was taken only a month before that fateful day when he went to the theater with his parents and witnessed their death in a dark alley.


partytown_usa t1_iwzb3ed wrote

Remember that time they ran out of water and Ben was about to drink sea water!?! That sh*t was intense.


Imajica0921 t1_iwzhbt8 wrote

I 'member! Also, they put him in a freezing wind tunnel with no jacket.


DocRules t1_iwzoli6 wrote

Figured he might as well get used to it.


IdyllicOleander OP t1_iwzbiiw wrote

Honestly it's been almost 30 years since I watched this in school, I don't remember much other than the introduction... Lol


Crimkam t1_iwzx639 wrote

>Didn't he later show up to the hungry crew with a dead rabbit in his backpack like it was no big deal?


BigIronSawyer t1_iwzavyj wrote

Oh my god, I watched this in 5th grade almost 30 years ago. Broken mast, hypothermia, desalinization et al. I still hum the theme song to this day. Also still haunted by that show about aliens learning to use the Dewey Decimal System on an abandoned Earth.


Asherah111 t1_iwzl0oc wrote

Remember the giant tub of peanut butter?! My 11 year old brain could not compute.


DocRules t1_iwzopgm wrote

Peanut butter had been my favorite up until that point. Had me re-thinking it.


Kangermu t1_ix15b2s wrote

Holy chickens! That's all peanut butter?!


GoldenGrlz t1_ix2dsuf wrote

The giant peanut butter vat is the only thing I remember from Mimi!


Asherah111 t1_ix4br52 wrote

I was telling my husband about the “oil barrel full of peanut butter” and just made him watch a YouTube video of this HUGE tub of peanut butter. It is only a 5 gallon pickle tub! My young brain couldn’t fathom 5 gallons of peanut butter??


44SPC1184 t1_iwz67ol wrote

Do you hear O’Bannon flunked? Yea what a dumb shit


ryanleebmw t1_iwz7pj0 wrote

I do not appreciate this post for bringing the existence of this show back into my brain. The intro is like ear cancer for me after how boring it was watching this as a 13 year old lmao


moe_mouse t1_iwz8ql2 wrote

Saw this in elementary, I still love the memories of this show.


IdyllicOleander OP t1_iwz9osd wrote

Elementary school was the last and only time I saw it and I honestly don't remember if I liked it or not but it was nice watching educational shows every now and then.


Perused t1_iwzgj96 wrote

Is that Kip Dynamite buttoning his shirt?


crystalsaladsandwich t1_iwzib08 wrote

I was just thinking about this series. Had to watch it in 6th grade ('99-2000-ish). Wasn't there a chick with a prosthetic leg?

Edit: That was the sequel. I remember it more than the OG series. Someone getting bitten by snake or a lizard too.


[deleted] t1_ixtqjdp wrote

I think you're thinking of the girl who got stung by a scorpion in the sequel.


crystalsaladsandwich t1_ixtsdvb wrote

You're right! I remember the sequel moreso than the original series, but it's been over 20 years since middle school lol.


coldair16 t1_iwzsyj6 wrote

Memory unlocked. Thanks Reddit :)


dcooper315 t1_ix0j9cc wrote

Watched it in middle school in 2007. They had the show on laser disk. That was a fun history lesson in science class


Dr_D-R-E t1_iwzl2cb wrote

Exclusive on the two foot wide laser frickin’ disk

“Oh no! A scorpion!”


InternalMovie t1_iwznw9h wrote

We were made to watch this in 6th grade

Then write an essay on it after every episode


pntszrn74 t1_iwzonh9 wrote

I thought that was Mrs Doubtfire for a minute.


SammyLoops1 t1_ix09cfc wrote

I remember how in style those sweaters were that that woman is wearing. Everyone had them.


SoutheasternGothic t1_ix0gjas wrote

Holy Shit! I forgot about this and never realized it was Ben!


apple_cores t1_ix0regg wrote

Man this show taught me to sign the alphabet in 5th grade. I still remember how.


mtrayno1 t1_ix0zgzb wrote

Looks like his nanny was a young Mrs Doubtfire


Bentstrings84 t1_ix1r4kk wrote

Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.


mazzicc t1_ix2hgpe wrote

The year my class watched this was the year Armageddon came out and our teacher pointed out it was Affleck. Was kinda cool.


Your_Daddy_ t1_ix2k9gw wrote

I had to watch that shizz in 7th grade.

The only thing I learned from the show is if you want to make new clothes look old and worn, stain them in tea..

And also how to get fresh drinking water from condensation. It’s totally come in handy as an adult, as I have never used a trash bag for drinking water.


Laggindragon86 t1_ix2z3t2 wrote

I remember watching this on laser disc in middle school, mid 90s


First-Fantasy t1_iwz1es6 wrote

The adult looks more like Ben than the kid


DjScenester t1_iwz5bjw wrote

I don’t remember a damn thing about this series…

It was always nap time in class for me


Ajspradbrow t1_iwz6qot wrote

So his head was in proportion once upon a time.


blue_pen_ink t1_iwz7k93 wrote

Had a whale crazy elementary school teacher that made us watch this and took us to a whaling museum, the most boring field trip for 9 year olds imaginable.


Ummando t1_iwz8uwr wrote

Was his name Captain Ahab and did you live in New Bedford?


pickausernamebitch t1_iwzaats wrote

Watched this in sixth grade in 2006. Doo doo do do da doo!


IdyllicOleander OP t1_iwzanv1 wrote

I watched it in the mid 90's when I was in elementary school!

You watched it in 2006?! I wonder if classes still show this?


sky033 t1_iwzcb09 wrote

I used to watch this and “High Feather” after school.


ViciousCurves t1_iwzctjx wrote

Wow.... I had no idea he was the kid in that.


dreday67 t1_iwzggw9 wrote

I can unequivocally say, The Voyage of the Mimi was the worst show of my childhood. I would rather watch the Nutcracker ballet with sponsorship breaks every 15 mins on PBS.


Crotch-jockey t1_iwzjq9h wrote

He couldn’t find a better wig? And that blue sweater, I mean…


Electricalbigaloo7 t1_iwzn3sh wrote

Remember when Ben got high from a lack of oxygen? Weird I remember that more than anything...


ParkerBench t1_iwzxvhv wrote

Is he another Hollywood nepo baby? Or did he break through and get a job without parental connections?


ZappyHeart t1_ix03cqg wrote

My kids watch this program. It was fantastic.


GarmeerGirl t1_ix07bwt wrote

So all those stories how he got his first break with Good Will Hunting while living out of his car with Matt Damon is fake. I now see he had 8 movie credits before that film. It has already been proven they didn’t write the script they were credited for doing so.


tyfromtheinternet t1_ix09k20 wrote

Yessss! Grew up in New England, we watched this in my fifth grade class throughout the year. Was definitely the highlight! That or Where The Red Fern Grows 😭


SwingJugend t1_ix0bg2v wrote

Last known photo taken where Ben Affleck's head is normal-sized and doesn't take up the whole fucking screen.


bombayofpigs t1_ix0bn7o wrote

We watched that on 5th grade. Our teacher, Mr. Whaley, loved teaching us about whales (surprise), but the whole class really got in to this show.


Wetscherpants t1_ix0hbjd wrote

Wasn’t there a scene where someone gets hyperthermia or something? That’s all my aging brain can think of when remembering this show from school


Stanley__Zbornak t1_ix0ht2c wrote

I freaking loved Voyage of the Mimi. We would watch it in school then play Oregon trail on the Apple 2E.

Voyage of the Mimi is how I learned all humpback whale flukes are different like a fingerprint.


Norwester77 t1_ix0l3tn wrote

Wow, we watched that in my 7th grade science class. I’d completely forgotten he was in it!


you_bastid t1_ix0o7ie wrote

The theme song instantly just popped in my head and feels like it will be there for a few weeks at least.


expernicus t1_ix0r5vx wrote

I still remember the theme song.

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!


Disney_Princess_73 t1_ix0u6q8 wrote

I loved watching this in school! Couldn't ever for the life of me remember what it was called and then I forgot about it. Thank you for bringing the memory back!


loudogtwotwentytwo t1_ix102kr wrote

We watched these in E.S. class in mid nineties and loved them! I never knew it was him though. F*cking Affleck!


burtoncummings t1_ix17vs4 wrote

No shit! I got to take a special week long course at a different school where we watched this!


Lepke2011 t1_ix1fqw8 wrote

I was an 80s kid and I have never heard of this.


SleepylaReef t1_ix1nr8d wrote

I watched that in middle school


kimfarr87 t1_ix243za wrote

Memory unlocked .. watched in 5th grade


sp00ksh0wbarbie t1_ix2a4u5 wrote

Wow I remember Watching this in the gifted program, in elementary school.


10110011100021 t1_ix2dubz wrote

I still hear that theme song in my head often


tavok_ t1_ix2f7dl wrote

Watched this, Midnight is a Place, and Brothers By Choice in the 6th grade and remember almost nothing about them.


Deonhollins58ucla t1_ix2n9s1 wrote

Hollywood grooms these ppl since they’re young. Truly demonic


JohannesOliver t1_ix2opw6 wrote

I don’t remember anything about this other than the name, but I think I enjoyed it.


Whiskey-Particular t1_ix2ucmj wrote

We watched part of it it in 3rd or 4th grade, on LaserDisc. And I’m not even sure why because it’s the only LaserDisc I’ve ever seen and this would’ve been like 1997-98ish?


kickler t1_ix2ui4j wrote

My 6th grade science teacher played this for us on Laser Disc. My brain just exploded seeing this.


GentleSaidTheRaven t1_ix2up2i wrote

Who knew you had to go this far back to see a rare picture of Ben Affleck…smiling.


JohnnyAK907 t1_ix0qpl9 wrote

Doo doo doo doo doo dooooooooo, Dee deee deee dah deee dah deee!
Great, now that F'ing theme song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Thanks, Reddit.


LupeDyCazari t1_ix0vz0p wrote

I didn't know he had been doing movies for that long.