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rucknovru2 t1_iy77msz wrote



TappedIn2111 t1_iy7k9fx wrote

Still fucking sucks.


Dogfish1313 t1_iy94kzj wrote

Licensed to Ill was so different then anything I knew or heard. We must have listened to that tape a zillion times. "..I'm on the run the cops got my gun"...That beat was great. Now Henry Rollins-That dude Fucking Sucked! He was a total hypocrite, bully, douche


TappedIn2111 t1_iy96vug wrote

He was and he does admit to it. But I firmly believe he came a long way. Nowadays I find him to be very introspective. He also is a big advocate for human rights. Maybe give him another chance.


Dogfish1313 t1_iy99f0n wrote

Good old age and introspection. I’ll check him out.


ha1029 t1_iy9diat wrote

>Being sober helps as well. A lot of times taking the chemicals out takes the anger with it. Or you have just burned through all the anger and no longer need the chemicals.


upfoo51 t1_iyaxuwr wrote

Ya but a live Blackflag show in 1985 sorted us all out. No offense. But people got stabbed at the club.


Dogfish1313 t1_iyayoab wrote

Oh I know a buddy of mine got stabbed. Goth, punk, Straight edge, Nazi loons… those clubs were wild


TappedIn2111 t1_iybxwxl wrote

I‘m listening to the No Dogs In Space podcast atm to catch up to the punk/hc scenes history in NY. Coming from the other side of the Atlantic I learn a lot about what you experienced. What a wild time.


agrandthing t1_iy8sbxa wrote

My name is MCA I got a license to kill, I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill...I got that album when I was 14. I'm 50 and still remember the lyrics to the whole thing.


doa70 t1_iyb7qnn wrote

52, bought it when it came out and at least 3 more times. Kept wearing them out.


Reddevil313 t1_iyb1hs1 wrote

I still can't believe he's been dead for 10 years.


steppinonpissclams t1_iy6xhit wrote

#Cause I'm a liar. Yeah I'm a liar.


Sardinianrider t1_iy7dh93 wrote

I’ll turn you into me,I’ll turn you into me.


RugBurn70 t1_iy7dtm1 wrote

I'll tell you things that you already know.


upfoo51 t1_iyb78r7 wrote

Henry, your girl is in the back of the bus with the boys. Best check on that...


shanksisevil t1_iy7wpa2 wrote

Being a liar liar is a double negative... So he's speaking the truth?


blackbriarCO t1_iy743s9 wrote

When the dude at the skate park rolls up wearing dress shoes, get outta the way....


TappedIn2111 t1_iy7k855 wrote

Those are cut off Doc Martens if my eyes don’t deceive me.


sevencyns t1_iy8unsi wrote

Correct. They’re either cut off or not tied at the top and just flap down. It was quite a look


raintree234 t1_iyaj589 wrote

Was just going to comment on all the garments in general. Things have changed!


Buster899 t1_iy7nzmt wrote

Why does Henry, the largest friend, not simply eat the other three?


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy7odqr wrote

It would be impossible, how's Henry supposed to eat a 4th person who isn't there?


Buster899 t1_iy7ohkw wrote

I edited that after you saw that. HOWEVER WHOS TAKING THE PICTURE!??!!


EpicSeshBro t1_iy70yma wrote

Kinda looks like Adam’s explaining how cameras work to Rollins.


EverybodyGetsLaid t1_iy8585j wrote

Rollin's is prepping for an hour long spoken word set.


EpicSeshBro t1_iy8j06d wrote

Went up to the roof kuz he was about to have a nervous breakdown but his friends said “check your head.”


hcnuptoir t1_iy9bjwb wrote

To me, it looks like the Beastie Boys are harrasing a senior citizen. Poor old Henry Rollins. Lol.


sonofabitchXmustXpay t1_iy758xd wrote

Henry came straight from work to hang out with the crew. Cut his pants into shorts but forgot his other shoes. Upset but still took a picture.


xXXMADMAXx t1_iy7szoy wrote

That's awesome knowledge about the picture thank you for that 👍


os-sesamoideum t1_iy781x0 wrote

Those are really fine men and great artists.


jolinar30659 t1_iy79yr0 wrote

I remember when these guys looked older. Now they look like babies in this picture.


deepaksn t1_iy7a9ce wrote

Henry Rollins is literally half the age he is now in this photo.


globularfluster t1_iy9wwfb wrote

Literally the only rock singer whose birthday I know, cos it's also his publishing company.


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy6yrc1 wrote

If only I could hang out with them and hear some stories about their days in the punk scene of the early 80's


mirthquake t1_iy7dnjx wrote

Rollins released a spoken word memoir called Get in the Van about his days with Black Flag. It's full of great stories and insights.


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy7y8w9 wrote

I just ordered a copy on CD, thanks for letting me know about this


BlanstonShrieks t1_iy80odz wrote

Also a book by the same name.


Rolling44 t1_iy7d40o wrote

Look up ‘No dogs in space’ beastie boys podcast, exactly what you’re looking for!


Letitbemesickgirl t1_iy7uugr wrote

Saw NDiS referenced in another thread, I’ve binged the misfits and damned episodes so far it’s very good!


dropticket t1_iy98auu wrote

Henry Rollins went on tour just telling stories for like two hours. It was nuts, the guy didn't hardly take a breath or move from his stool the entire time. Highly recommend if he does a show near you.


MrJohnnyDangerously t1_iy75sbe wrote

I saw them on this tour


RockinSteadyClyde t1_iy7z1hc wrote

Me too. It was awesome. They played in a small building at the Indiana State Fair Grounds. Rollins went on a huge anti-drug rant at the end of his set. Then the Beasties came on and had a dude in a chicken costume with a basket full of joints walking through the crowd throwing them everywhere. It was crazy. I lost a hat, a shoe, got a bloody nose and met Ricky Powell (sp?) by the tour bus. Gooooooood times.


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy7bpse wrote

I saw them in Boston with fIREHOSE and Basehead in May of that year


BlanstonShrieks t1_iy80jv6 wrote

fIREHOSE rules.

Watt still my favorite artist ever. Currently laid up with a bad knee.


NoMoreFox t1_iy8igac wrote

To be fair, you'd have to be a monster with no heart not to love Mike Watt.


WorkingTharn t1_iy8ycha wrote

Same, Ice Cube + Lynch Mob opened for Rollins who opened for the Beasties


BelligerentHorticult t1_iy70mdt wrote

Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage.


MutedHornet87 t1_iy717lg wrote

It hurts the ears


BelligerentHorticult t1_iy71d55 wrote

I don't really give a shit about your opinion. Go fuck off to the corner and mumble to yourself.


MutedHornet87 t1_iy71mls wrote

Not my thing


jimboni t1_iy7412m wrote

So don’t comment. It’s not hard.


MutedHornet87 t1_iy748tx wrote

God forbid I have a different opinion and find them insufferable to listen to. Grating is a great term to describe it. They’re like nails on a chalkboard.


Thprop t1_iy7gtwt wrote

That brings back some memories of a rare time in popular (sorta) music. Black Flag at the 930 in D.C. on an unspeakably hot and humid summer’s night—flat draughts, Henry with hair like Jim Morrison in his prime and a pair of black running shorts he might’ve borrowed from Kira—very Iggyesque.


monkeyz_unkle t1_iy6zr7r wrote

That tour was amazing! Cypress Hill was the opener.


MutedHornet87 t1_iy70uem wrote

I just saw them open for Slipknot in May. I wasn’t going to go because they were opening but they weren’t bad


tommy_pt t1_iy83s6u wrote

Saw this tour at the Roseland in NYC! Rollins band opened for Beastie Boys on Check Your Head tour 92’93. It was a moss pit the entire shows. The energy from Henry Rollins and the momentum from Check your head was insane. Beastie as live punk band was the best shit ever. It was either porno funk,rap,or punk with them all playing instruments. Still might be the best show I’ve seen. I wear glasses and I was 16. Back then i would wear glasses into pit and lose them at some point. This would happen all the time. The only reason I’m telling this part is because i would tell some random that my glasses got lost and they would stop pit . Everyone in pit would stop,and look for my glasses. This happened a couple times. Nobody got angry with me,they all would just stop slamming to help me find my glasses. Even back then I thought that was so noice of everyone,now that would never happen. Beastie Boys on that our was epic though


LeadershipTall2437 t1_iy7k80j wrote

Henry was brilliant in the movie He Never Died, one of my favourites


Thecryptsaresafe t1_iy8en6g wrote

I watched Johnny Mnemonic for the first time the other day and Heat right after for the first time in forever. I never realized Henry is in both!


valz_ t1_iy7m8f9 wrote

Legends. All of them.


AlwaysHappy4Kitties t1_iy7vznv wrote

Some people forgot that the beastie boys started out as a Punk band


Gargenville t1_iy82evk wrote

Honestly in 2022 there's probably a sizeable chunk of people who only really know them for Fight for your Right and Sabotage.


Saint_Stephen420 t1_iy86w7w wrote

Your ignorance of the cultural impact of Brass Monkey on middle schoolers in the 2000’s is intolerable


sean8877 t1_iy9bqr9 wrote

Intergalactic is universal


Gargenville t1_iy9ero4 wrote

Yeah I have a zoomer brother I can test this stuff out on, Intergalactic definitely still goes.


31_hierophanto t1_iyaxom0 wrote

Yeah, they decided to rap as a joke..... and then actual rappers thought they were unironically good.

Thank Rick Rubin for that.


Jaytweak37 t1_iy81fnk wrote

I saw them on that tour at Rutgers. It was Beastie Boys, Rollins Band and Da Lench Mob


dissolutewastrel t1_iy88wq3 wrote

Fellow RU grad here. I saw Run-DMC at the nadir of their popularity in '99 at the SAC for $5. Best show I ever saw. Got a poster signed...that was later stolen out of my dorm room. I still have a pic I took with JMJ (RIP)


Jaytweak37 t1_iy89gea wrote

That’s awesome. I got to see Run DMC at a surprise show in the mid 90s. I can’t remember the exact year. A friend of mine heard them announce the show on a radio station and rushed to my house to get me out of bed. It was a small club somewhere just outside of Seaside Heights and there were probably less than 100 people there. It was a great show.


lepercake t1_iy7cqol wrote

Didn't realise Rollins had one of those long slidey dildos on his leg. Good for him.


OrcRampant t1_iy7gj32 wrote

Henry Rollins is my boy! I have a Beastie Boyz patch on my battle jacket, but no Black Flag. Dammit! I need to fix that.


Lawdoc1 t1_iy7zlap wrote

Mike D and Henry look like they were unhappy about being forced into the pic with the overly exuberant MCA and Ad Rock.


DocBalls t1_iy7r9o1 wrote

100% the coolest picture I will see today.


GrizzlyAdam12 t1_iy8b522 wrote

This picture was taken that one day when Henry was wearing a black t-shirt.


Hallowexia t1_iy8lbxv wrote

Rollins is such a fucking moody princess


CameDownForWhat t1_iy8oi18 wrote

This was my first major concert. Check Your Head tour w Rollins Band.


Cool_Ranch_Dodrio t1_iy8w226 wrote

I love how Henry Rollins never looks like he approves of anything.


fuwoswp t1_iy7hoq6 wrote

I can’t really figure out what the weather was like that day.


T-Rextify t1_iy7v0eo wrote

At that time, Henry Rollins looked like an old man to me, the Beasties looked like adults.

Now they all look like babies!


mattt1975 t1_iy86qco wrote

What a great time we had in the mid 80 s and 90 s


spiderborland t1_iy8e1yq wrote

The Beastie Boys out here clowning for the camera and Hank is just “take the fucking picture”


pm_me_bra_pix t1_iy9642p wrote

The look on his face is like being surrounded by overly-energetic interns.


IronPeter t1_iy9w0xy wrote

Henry Rollins always looks like he’s ready to punch you in the face


philodendrin t1_iyb5c00 wrote

Mr. Rollins never looks impressed. Yet he has a knack for expressing a tender kindness and appreciation for a wide variety of things. He is a thinker, never without an opinion that is reasoned and rational.


weezmatical t1_iy7gdeh wrote

Loved Beastie Boys growing up. As an adult, a couple interviews I've listened to turned me off. Can't speak to MCA, but the other two are just kinda arrogant assholes. Dissapointing.


Pavlock t1_iy7uv22 wrote

I still kick myself for missing that tour.


hueleeAZ t1_iy7ym5x wrote

Punk Legends


SelfEmpoweredWoman t1_iy8q5o9 wrote

Brings back memories of my childhood me and my sister used to listen to them all the time


jl55378008 t1_iy8tnyy wrote

Anyone who hasn't listened to the audiobook of The Beastie Boys Book should stop wasting their life and go listen immediately.

Even if you have read the book. Trust me, the audiobook is better.


World-Tight t1_iy8ua4a wrote

I did the math and indeed 1992 is more than 25 years ago, as per rule number one, rather than the ten or twelve years ago I had thought it was.


GuiltyGun t1_iy8wb39 wrote

This picture made my back hurt.


piperjon2000 t1_iy956ov wrote

A level of awesome to which I continue to aspire even today


Sgtfridge t1_iy9of89 wrote

Henry’s trademark “how does shit like this keep happening” expression.


9ND79 t1_iyazhnu wrote

Worked with him on deadly class (2018). Awesome guy.


FsckOfTheNorthStar t1_iyc828h wrote

Beastie Boys looking like they just pranked someone, and Rollins looks like he's the one they pranked.


GripsAA t1_iy7xkei wrote

Henry looks like he's mad that he looks cool in that pic.


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy7xogs wrote

Henry was always mad back then, he's only cheered up in the past decade or 2


Belgand t1_iy9aq10 wrote

I honestly don't think I've ever seen him smiling.


SauerMetal t1_iy7yvtb wrote

That was a great summer. I saw this tour twice back then.


Hot-Roof6572 t1_iy7zxnj wrote

OMG what an epic photo!! Love those guys!!😎🤟


theghostofgotti t1_iy82d8u wrote

You gotta fight for your right to bang heads with your momma.


platasnatch t1_iy8bud9 wrote

In his grammy's suit too!


AzraelBrown t1_iy8ilu8 wrote

When you take a day off from working at the sporting goods store to go to the family reunion and you have to spend all day with your much younger cousins


Trolodrol t1_iy8tymh wrote

Henry looks crazy thin in this picture. Where’s his thick ass tree trunk neck at?


Ragamuffin5 t1_iy9chwn wrote

It looks like Henry’s feelings were hurt by one of the guys and he does not want to be there.


upfoo51 t1_iy9o0jb wrote

Looks like Henry has a nice mouse going there.


Nepp0 t1_iy9qhu4 wrote

Frozen. Yogurt.


momomonkeys t1_iya0ac8 wrote

Saw them at UNH on this tour in a super small gymnasium.

Rollins rocked but unfortunately the mix for the Beasties sucked. They sounded horrible... not their fault. Got to see them again at Lollapalooza 94 in RI though and they were great.


Jakkul26 t1_iyac3fn wrote

Rollins looks so unamused. Then again, he usually does.


bcdevv t1_iyb2hk0 wrote

Good times


FredegarBolger910 t1_iyb9bfh wrote

I see them together sometime around then, likely the tour this photo was taken on


Crush73 t1_iybihih wrote

You know Henry is thinking why the fuck am I here my publicist is so fucking fired !!!


PastinOBravo1870 t1_iya9fds wrote

Ummm something is not right here..

Ever see Rollins Tat across his neck line?

it reads



daisysmokesdaily t1_iybdf5n wrote

I’m a 0% fan - it’s like the loud obnoxious kids in school being paid to be loud and obnoxious.


SandBarLakers t1_iya208u wrote

Beastie boys suck. Sorry not sorry. I said what I said.


Alone_Asparagus7651 t1_iy99em4 wrote

Henry Rollins is so unpleasant. I can never forget that video of him berating that girl during an interview lol


shockinglyclad t1_iy8lloz wrote

Congrats you're the 1,000,000th person to post this. You get a prize.


everydayacheesesteak t1_iy884fm wrote

I wonder if Henry Rollins has ever made anyone laugh in his life.


citoloco t1_iy86oio wrote

Three generational geniuses right there. And Rollins


FartingKumquat t1_iy75haa wrote

Some legends....and Henry Rollins


HardlyInappropriate t1_iy79u7v wrote

You mean the actual, legendary HENRY FUCKING ROLLINS? No way, dude! His music - heavy AF. Whether he was touring with Black Flag or his eponymous band. His spoken word - alternately hilarious and thoughtful, and often both at the same time. His poetry - wicked disturbing in the best way.

The Beastie Boys are great - but Henry is something very special, and I hope you take the time to consider his full catalog of awesome.


MutedHornet87 t1_iy70hxw wrote

Beastie Boys? I hope they gave out noise cancelling earplugs


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy70urs wrote

The disrespect, they were one of the most influential and important groups in the history of Hip-Hop


MutedHornet87 t1_iy70zeu wrote

No wonder hip-hop is insufferable


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy716z7 wrote

You listen to Slipknot and Deathcore, yet you're calling Hip-Hop insufferable


MutedHornet87 t1_iy7193g wrote

I listen to deathcore? That’s news to me.

Edit - nope. I don’t.


TheBlitzkid46 OP t1_iy71d0b wrote

Melo-Death, my bad, I haven't listened to In Flames since the 90s


MutedHornet87 t1_iy71kb9 wrote

Oh, In Flames. I’ve seen them get called different things. They’re probably the heaviest I listen to.

I prefer their more modern stuff, from Reroute on. Sounds of a Playground Fading, Mirror’s Truth

Some of their stuff isn’t melodic enough for me

I don’t really get into all the metal sub genres. There’s a new one every day.