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Thropedone t1_iy827z1 wrote

the punk is Sven Marquardt, a photographer and bouncer at Berghain.


the_pedigree t1_iy982l5 wrote

Basically the most famous bouncer in the world outside of Mr. T I guess


World-Tight t1_iy8vk93 wrote

And is the other gentleman his dad?


doveball t1_iy8wvwr wrote

The other is Joe Pesci.


aCynicalMind t1_iy95wt1 wrote

He's pretty funny.


Beachdaddybravo t1_iy96tqh wrote

What do you mean funny?


aCynicalMind t1_iy976n0 wrote

You know...h-he's just funny.


GoGoCrumbly t1_iy9ggbl wrote

You mean funny like he's a clown, he amuses you? He makes you laugh, he's here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How is he funny?


aCynicalMind t1_iy9ilfv wrote

.....I-I don't know, what do you want me to say? He's just...he's a funny guy, you know?


lazyrepublik t1_iy9nwpc wrote

I wish I had some money because that’s gold.


GoGoCrumbly t1_iy9ptdo wrote

^(shh, it's all lifted from Goodfellas. Save your gold for the writers, Nicholas Pileggi and Martin Scorsese.)


lazyrepublik t1_iyadqk3 wrote

Well, you still get some cred for spewing that verbatim and making me chuckle.


GoGoCrumbly t1_iyal03q wrote

I cut/pasted from IMDB, since I knew I could only paraphrase at best.

I am a worm.


mememan12332 t1_iy7yw8y wrote

Both are returning from a Rammstein concert


Sgtcalza t1_iya69gx wrote

I love this idea, mostly because it can be pictured as true


The51stDivision t1_iyapyc9 wrote

Fun fact: the first row of rock concerts are usually reserved for the police (to maintain order). Just 1980s communist world things.


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Entire_Spare731 t1_iy8xs2t wrote

To the left: sven marquardt, doorman of berghain. To the right: genosse müllermeierschmidt


rostoffario t1_iy8zj5r wrote

Good ol' button fly jeans.


GoGoCrumbly t1_iy9fuzi wrote

Noticed that, which makes me wonder if these are genuine Levi's 501 jeans or a People's Revolutionary Pants Factory knock off.

Fun aside: I know a woman who grew up in the Soviet Union, her dad was a big deal in the Red Army and brought her all manner of otherwise forbidden stuff from France and W. Germany on his embassy visits. She didn't get in trouble for it, but would get comments from her school teachers. Of course, they knew better than to do anything about it since, duh, her dad was a big Red Army deal.


montanunion t1_iy9s6jb wrote

At least in East Germany, it wasn't that rare to have Western jeans, since many if not most people had family in the West who regularly came to visit and/or sent packages. With the rest of his outfit, I'd be surprised if those weren't "real" jeans, since he's obviously using clothes to make a political statement.


Toronto_man t1_iy9hntv wrote

I like the button fly. That is one place on my wardrobe I do not need sharp interlocking metal teeth. It's like a mink trap down there.


KeyofE t1_iy9urax wrote

Have you tried underwear? Game changer.


WelcomeScary4270 t1_iyccgks wrote

In my experience underjocks are more useful incase of accidentally sharting.


armand55 t1_iy7vr0a wrote

The punk is probably a volspoliziei now


StephenHunterUK t1_iy8rgo1 wrote

The Volkspolizei ("People's Police") went with the GDR. You now have policing mostly done by the state police forces.


Shytog t1_iy960af wrote

He is the bouncer of Berlin's most famous club right now. And he has become some sort of a celebrity in itself


Wthq4hq4hqrhqe t1_iy8ihn6 wrote

one of these two has stupid hair, an outrageous costume and a bad attitude. the other is a punk


dtb1987 t1_iy8ufil wrote

They are heading to the FKK for a little sun


Nikkipcd t1_iy9276d wrote

Not going to lie,looking at punk's when I was a kid I was astonished at the fact that they go around daily with their hair sticking up from all the keep spray and they were quite comfortable 😁


godumbledork t1_iy8q533 wrote

He looks like the guy on the bus in Star Trek 4


JDP87 t1_iyatrym wrote

Mildly Interesting Facts: Star Trek punk was Kirk Thatcher, a producer on the movie, who wrote and performed the song he was listening to, reprised the role recently in a Star Trek series episode, and is about 11 days younger than punk in this picture Sven Marquardt.


LeZarathustra t1_iyac5rg wrote

My father's cousin grew up in West Berlin (I think he was 5 or so when the wall was built around him). So he grew up to be an anarchist and punk. He spent the first 30 years or so of his life inside that wall.

Nowadays he's in his late 70's or so. He keeps his hair short and beard trimmed, but still wears the classic leather jacket and boots.

My german is so-so, and he doesn't speak english or swedish (which is my mother tounge), so it's a bit difficult to hold conversations, but this picture made me remember the one time he said something in english.

He was driving me and my dad around Berlin, giving us a bit of a tour, when a patrol car passed us. He makes a rude gesture and loudly exclaims "Fuck the police!".

I've only ever heard him speak german before and since, but I love that he still keeps it real after all these years.


31_hierophanto t1_iyawzj6 wrote

>My father's cousin grew up in West Berlin (I think he was 5 or so when the wall was built around him). So he grew up to be an anarchist and punk.

I'm guessing he lived in Kreuzberg?


1000Hells1GiftShop t1_iy8af66 wrote

The spectrum of cool in one picture. From punk rock to total dweeb.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy8anje wrote

I love how these two seem to blatantly ignore each other


1000Hells1GiftShop t1_iy8b28z wrote

They're from two different worlds.

If this were the 80s someone would pitch a sitcom about them being roommates.

Now, someone is more likely to ship them as "roommates".


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy8boxj wrote

Sad, but true. A forbidden rom-I mean bromance between an authority and an anti-authoritarian


leeuwerik t1_iy9ng2a wrote

VoPo guy did well. Punk guy was cool af.


Joe_The_Volcano t1_iy9ed1z wrote

Not having lived in East Germany (I spent the 80s in New York City), would the police have cracked down on punk or dressing up like this? Can't imagine the government was too thrilled.


montanunion t1_iy9teej wrote

It really depended on the circumstances. Being punk itself wasn't forbidden (though it could get you in trouble with schools or employers since in many contexts the look was still a very scandalous thing). Generally, in the mid-late 80s, in the whole East German system became a lot more lax, they also started easing up on travel restrictions at the time, so a lot more people got to travel into the West for example, there were big concerts by Western artists like Bruce Springsteen etc.

But obviously, punkness often comes along with a general fuck-the-authorities attitude and that in turn made punks more likely to be controlled (kinda like even today a police officer will be MUCH more likely to search a punk for drugs compared to a suit-wearing banker). In general, the government was not too thrilled about that attitude.

This specific guy was an artist/photographer who at the time did photography for an East German fashion magazine, so he had more leeway than most.

Source: both of my parents were punks in East Berlin and my aunt actually knew this guy quite well


somedudefromnrw t1_iy9sapb wrote

Yesnt. They kept an eye on it and it certainly was controlled but outside of definitely having your face in some government files you wouldn't have been arrested as long as you didn't draw any attention (eg. political activism) to yourself. They were more concerned about so called anti socials and troublemakers and trying to hold their state together


ForgotToDieYoung t1_iy9g29o wrote

With an umbrella to make sure his spikes don't get ruined...


xoverthirtyx t1_iy997j1 wrote

Really though? Punk in East Germany was cracked down on HARD. I can imagine this scenario happening in ‘86.


McFeely_Smackup t1_iy9jxr4 wrote

Someone should colorize the photo...what with there apparently being no color photography in the 1980's


LittleKitty235 t1_iy9qfwh wrote

It is color film! No one could afford actual colors in soviet russia.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy9sp4h wrote

This was taken in the GDR not the USSR


LittleKitty235 t1_iy9ukjk wrote

I know. Still in the soviet zone and behind the iron curtain.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy9wmrq wrote

Ok, doesn’t make your statement accurate. This was Germany.


LittleKitty235 t1_iy9y3rc wrote

I would have thought the inaccurate part of my statement was that colors didn't exist under communism. Seemed clearly a joke to me.


RangerNi33a312 t1_iye1zx7 wrote

GDR was not communist, It was socialist but ran by a one party state aka the communist party or the SED trying to achieve communism. I don't know much about color picture though


far2common t1_iy9k437 wrote

I love the contrast in posture, it really gives this photo another dimension.


HeebieMcJeeberson t1_iya3jrm wrote

Uniform is surprisingly WWII-ish even after 40 years.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iyahu6f wrote

That was done on purpose. The GDR wanted to present itself as the “real Germany” and opted to keep the old military uniform look, while the Bundeswehr did their best to Americanise the way their army looked. In the early years this was also a likely consequence of superfluous amounts of uniforms and a limited budget.


HeebieMcJeeberson t1_iyajo74 wrote

I get it. Still the uniform in a modern setting reminds me of Val Kilmer's movie Top Secret.


ClarenceCrocodile t1_iyaawun wrote

That was very confussing for a moment there, I'd read it as Putin sitting next to the police officer and thought- WTF?


frankduxvandamme t1_iy9da72 wrote

Can somebody do some photoshop magic and exchange their heads?


azdv t1_iy9psyp wrote

The U-Bahn seems to be looking for someone to switch seats with


TomRiddIe t1_iya3ev9 wrote

There was no U-Bahn/Subway in East Berlin.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iyai6ya wrote

Actually that’s not quite true. The only U-Bahn station in East Berlin was Linie E (Tiergarten), opening in 1973.


gheiminfantry t1_iy86mfe wrote

Ha! I was there!


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy89azo wrote

Where you the Volkspolizist or the Punk lol?


gheiminfantry t1_iy89g54 wrote

Neither. UBahn rider.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy9272y wrote

Lol thanks for 1k likes guys. Never thought i’d get this many


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iy9749h wrote

I miss when the counter culture was tough and bad ass... Today's young counter culture are more concerned with feelings and trusting the government institutions. It's so fucking weird. Are young Republicans the new counter culture?


MarlonBrandoRules t1_iya7xn9 wrote

I hate to break it to you, but no counter culture is not supporting government institutions. And Republican’s are the exact opposite of counter culture, supporting the capitalist status quo.

Young people today are not supporting the system, they’re advocating for a new one. They are growing more and more anti-capitalist


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iya9nng wrote

Man, watching Reddit sound like Koch brothers whenever it comes to "corporate rights" when the free speech or deplatforming topic comes up sounds weird. The blind trust in anything and everything the government and big pharma said surrounding the pandemic was really really weird. And now suddenly the "anti war" left, who used to be non interventionalists, suddenly ALL IN on funding Ukraine to the bitter end, nuclear war be damned, has completely knocked me off my rocker. I have no idea what happened to the counter culture, but it sure as hell isn't on the left.

The most "counter culture" I see, is obsession over gender pronouns and frustration with capitalism.


MarlonBrandoRules t1_iyaabgf wrote

Ukraine was invaded by Russia and people support Ukraine in their fight back, regardless of opinion on Ukrainian politics.

It’s the same as the anti war movement following the American invasion of Iraq


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iyabusj wrote

I don't think you understand what anti-war means. It doesn't mean "Only supporting wars abroad when it serves our geopolitical interest". Vietnam was also about "stopping the bad guys". So was Korea, and a countless number of them.

Anti war, means ANTI WAR. It's pretty simple actually.


MarlonBrandoRules t1_iyafdt5 wrote

I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand. People who are anti war are almost always, against pointless wars and ones that are fought for power or money. Notice how the heavily protested wars are against the ones that were unjust, like Vietnam and Iraq. They opposed them because the US had no right to get involved in Vietnam at all, and Iraq was a completely unjust invasion.

Notice how people didn’t protest fighting the Axis in WW2?


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iyag4u3 wrote

People were against WWII. A ton of people were. Anti war means “don’t get involved with wars that have no threat to the country”. Some anti war would argue war in Europe involved is indirectly because it could bleed into the USA once we found out Germany allied with Mexico in secret.

But I don’t get what you don’t get with the term anti war. It literally means against war. Not just “against starting wars” but against all wars. Not just “wars fought for money” but all war. Anti war. Not, anti profiteering war.

Also if you think the war in Ukraine is being supported by the USA for purely moral and ethical reasons I got a bridge to sell you. It’s entirely about geopolitical reasons. Tons of natural gas and strategic points next to Russia. If the USA cared about the ethics and morals of a “justified war” there are 2 of them right now we’d also be heavily involved in. Turkey is about to invade Syria. You don’t see us mounting a defense against Turkey lol because it has no geopolitical importance.

Regardless. Anti war means anti war. It means you don’t support war, full stop. And you’re a perfect example of what I mean by the left taking some drastic turns over the last decade.


snifferpipers t1_iyarb2b wrote

Wtf are you even saying right now? Punk is not dead and is alive among the younger generation


yousyveshughs t1_iyaq8w6 wrote

I tend to agree with you, good sir. The world is a twisted place these days. Not that it wasn’t always, just seems more bizarro world than decades ago.


swishswooshSwiss OP t1_iy97h4p wrote

Counter culture has been replaced by cancel culture but let’s try and leave politics out of this.


globuZ t1_iy9bdmj wrote

Making a political statement and then cancel the discussion is a clever move. ;)