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MarlonBrandoRules t1_iyaabgf wrote

Ukraine was invaded by Russia and people support Ukraine in their fight back, regardless of opinion on Ukrainian politics.

It’s the same as the anti war movement following the American invasion of Iraq


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iyabusj wrote

I don't think you understand what anti-war means. It doesn't mean "Only supporting wars abroad when it serves our geopolitical interest". Vietnam was also about "stopping the bad guys". So was Korea, and a countless number of them.

Anti war, means ANTI WAR. It's pretty simple actually.


MarlonBrandoRules t1_iyafdt5 wrote

I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand. People who are anti war are almost always, against pointless wars and ones that are fought for power or money. Notice how the heavily protested wars are against the ones that were unjust, like Vietnam and Iraq. They opposed them because the US had no right to get involved in Vietnam at all, and Iraq was a completely unjust invasion.

Notice how people didn’t protest fighting the Axis in WW2?


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_iyag4u3 wrote

People were against WWII. A ton of people were. Anti war means “don’t get involved with wars that have no threat to the country”. Some anti war would argue war in Europe involved is indirectly because it could bleed into the USA once we found out Germany allied with Mexico in secret.

But I don’t get what you don’t get with the term anti war. It literally means against war. Not just “against starting wars” but against all wars. Not just “wars fought for money” but all war. Anti war. Not, anti profiteering war.

Also if you think the war in Ukraine is being supported by the USA for purely moral and ethical reasons I got a bridge to sell you. It’s entirely about geopolitical reasons. Tons of natural gas and strategic points next to Russia. If the USA cared about the ethics and morals of a “justified war” there are 2 of them right now we’d also be heavily involved in. Turkey is about to invade Syria. You don’t see us mounting a defense against Turkey lol because it has no geopolitical importance.

Regardless. Anti war means anti war. It means you don’t support war, full stop. And you’re a perfect example of what I mean by the left taking some drastic turns over the last decade.