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underated_imbecile t1_ixzo0ej wrote

100% that watch is still running, they were so durable


roofer_yyc t1_iy10rul wrote

Ironman - duraglo. Takes a lickin’, but keeps on tickin!


goodcorn t1_iy1na1u wrote

That camera too. Its nickname was the Russian Tank.


skovall t1_ixzit6f wrote

They were probably a little younger than I at the time or now and damn like so much these days, makes me feel older ;-) I hope they are still alive, healthy and together.


Urunghai OP t1_ixzjum1 wrote

My father passed away earlier this year, I found this picture while trying to digitalise old photo albums. So, if you are aprox. the same age, kind reminder to enjoy life while it lasts!


skovall t1_ixzkbph wrote

Factory I worked in for 43 years closed almost 2 years ago. Health is so so and have tried to quit all the crap that can tear me down. I am more grateful than ever for the simple things I have in life. Remember your dad with love:-) My dad was a bully and sick -uck to me much of his life but I have forgiven him and smile when I remember his good or the cringe-worthy music he loved ;-) Thanks for the reply.


nouseforareason t1_iy2114t wrote

Is your name Calvin and do you have a stuffed tiger? Hair color is just different but I’m getting some strong vibes from the photo.


Bilateral-drowning t1_iy2u453 wrote

They look super cute together. What a fantastic find.


Ridiculizard t1_iy0fs69 wrote

Your mom looks like the kid who distracts the T2000 while John Conner escapes.


lantz83 t1_iy0p80k wrote

Your mom's got that Paul Hogan smile..!


rnranimal t1_iy2714o wrote

They are beautiful!


SonnyListon999 t1_iy2utat wrote

and unless your Mum or Dad developed their own photographs this selfie would take a week to materialise. Great days. Sorry to hear your Dad has passed. Preserve your memories; they’re all that’s left you.


dont_think_outofstep t1_iy2v3my wrote

If this was any more 80s, ronald reagan would explode out of his grave!


majorjoe23 t1_iy1ml7k wrote

I think your dad might be my dad.


nellie_1017 t1_iy1xe1f wrote

His name is Walt- in later years he went on to teach High School chemistry, & made bank!


Send-Me-Goodies t1_iy29j9d wrote

A happier David Herman from “Office Space”


Lokivstheworld t1_ixznbrg wrote

Back when people called selfies pictures. When the word self only meant yourself and not taking a picture of yourself and others


Urunghai OP t1_ixznrh1 wrote

What would you have titled this picture?


Lokivstheworld t1_ixzpf4r wrote

My parents in 1988. I guess i just don't like the use of the word selfie. Or the word selfie in general. It was understandable when it defined one taking a picture of themself. It started making less sense when people defined it as any picture you take of yourself and anyone or anything else around you. Isn't that just taking a picture? I apologize if I've offended you, i don't mean to come across as a dick. It's just something I've pondered.


Urunghai OP t1_ixzxvt1 wrote

No offence taken at all - I always thought the definition of a selfie was "the person who takes the picture is in the picture itself". But then what about the self-timer? gif


SV650rider t1_ixznk4w wrote

I’d say this counts as a selfie because he’s taking it himself.


Lokivstheworld t1_ixzotxv wrote

That's still just taking a picture though. Maybe i just don't get it