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Craig1974 t1_iweui8j wrote

Your name is Stefon Clark and you were gonna be the sixth member of The Backstreet Boys.


BedaHouse t1_iwi267x wrote

Frankly, I think better luck as the 3rd member of the WWF/WWE's Hardy Boyz


BelligerentHorticult t1_iwet8m6 wrote

I'm sorry guy. Whatever is going on with that facial hair wasn't even cool back then.


shaundisbuddyguy t1_iwfnzvv wrote

If it's actually taken in 96 this pre dates all the nu metal. It was indeed cool for a brief period of time and guys never do shit their faces unless girls are into it. What made it uncool was nu metal. It was a time to be alive let me tell you.


BelligerentHorticult t1_iwgrd0t wrote

I got my drivers license that year. Turned 16, lost my virginity, started smoking cigarettes and pot. Drank the first time...

The summer of 96 was a helluva summer for me.


nastyfoo t1_iwf1ivc wrote

You did it all for the nookie.


spirylll3 OP t1_iwesyeb wrote

The boredom w my chia pet phase. Thanks for the spectrum of comments. No don’t look the same, full bushy beard w all kinds of white in it now. Did have great time back then being a beach bum in NC and vibing new friends and music. The design changed all the time. And I didn’t care if it was cool or not. Just doing what I do. Seems like a lifetime ago


SuperUnic0rn t1_iwhlyv9 wrote

There is a sincere interest for you to share what music you enjoyed so that we can continue the roast. I’m sure your 2022 beard is magnificent!


illit3 t1_iweyaw5 wrote

you posting this there is all the information i needed to know that you still look exactly the same.


Gurthy_Lengthiness t1_iwgdgii wrote

Nice mutton chops and thick flavor saver!


footcandlez t1_iwhdutm wrote

Wondering if it's a true mutton chop... aren't mutton chops supposed to be the full width of the beard--this is kind of like a fancy extended sideburn


lorenzo1384 t1_iwgrmt2 wrote

Do you still listen to Limp Bizkit


Amirrorr t1_iwhataq wrote

You look like a vampire


Substantial_Cut_8426 t1_iwhgi9y wrote

Please tell me you had a tribal tattoo to accompany this look.


karigan_g t1_iwfav2u wrote

had a friend who used to call those the ‘fanny tickler’


Throwaway132465296 t1_iwfbn4u wrote

Neither old school nor cool. Props for your courage though OP

Stay beautiful


Jamfour9 t1_iwffdis wrote

What do you look like now? 👀 you were cute, despite the facial hair design


DYGTD t1_iwflob3 wrote

Where are all of your Mustard Plug CDs right now?


MadMikey6 t1_iwfmvwx wrote

Bro! I rocked the same look, except no side burns, tight!


shaundisbuddyguy t1_iwfneur wrote

One of my best buddies rocked that exact facial hair pattern at that time . You don't listen to Clutch do you ? We still do.


pugs_are_death t1_iwfq8hj wrote

You asked to take a puff

You had the fucking FLU

And you stole the lighter


Toxicbuns95 t1_iwfr7rk wrote

Those chops could cut diamonds


_WretchedDoll_ t1_iwg1awl wrote

First glance I thought it was Phil Anselmo, I wonder if that's any better than the other lookalike comments?


RBzoner1 t1_iwhy5xv wrote

you got sumthin wierd on your chin...


Jam_B0ne t1_iwjcilw wrote

Sometimes I feel like the 90's was an alternate dimension


Shan-Chat t1_iwg6er7 wrote

No one taught you to shave properly did they?


LurkysGoCart t1_iwevm4w wrote

So, you’re telling me you’re so engrained with white trash DNA that your hair just grows in all white trashy like that?


bigby2010 t1_iwewp43 wrote

No need to be a racist douche


Throwaway132465296 t1_iwfbju2 wrote

Big oof! Heckin racism on MY redditerino?!? That’s a YIKES for me, yeesh to the maximum