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MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixqyoar wrote

Hello! My mother is Yu'pik from Alaska!


Xmeromotu t1_ixqyxv1 wrote

Very cool! You are a REAL American! 😎


EatAtCozi t1_ixrvv1t wrote

Lmao, I’d love to know what you define as “REAL American”

Edit: Awh, stay mad ☹️


peetree88 t1_ixrwnao wrote

Probably someone descended from a native group rather than a colonising group based on the context clues...


billboswaggns t1_ixs3qc8 wrote

Probably not what you mean when you say it


EatAtCozi t1_ixs7mee wrote

Yawns, that made no sense. Try again buddy. 😐


billboswaggns t1_ixs85ym wrote

Couldn't be a more clear statement. You asked how they define real American I said prob diff than you. You're a troll or a walnut, and an emoji user. Yuck


EatAtCozi t1_ixs910d wrote

Ew you’re weird. Congrats on being an old geezer who has 0 social media literacy ? Lmao. Your comment added literally nothing to the discussion, but thanks buddy.


sandmanchase t1_ixscg5e wrote

>Yawns, that made no sense. Try again buddy. 😐

Lol as if this comment added something valuable to the conversation. Your having pointless arguments on the internet with a stranger you will never hear from again that will go NOWHERE. Maybe their is some symbolism there. Yes, yes I did.


EatAtCozi t1_ixseewk wrote

Are you okay? Was the 1 minute you spent typing up this obvious and pointless text worth it? No one cares bud. You’re weird for that. Continue scrolling and minding your business cus the convo is already over. No one wants to read your incoherent rambling.


billboswaggns t1_ixsg5wu wrote

An old geezer? Not by a long shot, this just isn't the emoji platform. I feel bad for you if you're really young and already so angry. However, your troll game is weak af not entertaining, so I'm out


EatAtCozi t1_ixsgmyd wrote

Imagine trying to police people’s use of emojis on an online platform, really weird. Also didn’t ask, sorry you feel that way. You’ll live. Adieu* freak.


billboswaggns t1_ixsvxxa wrote

Hey man, I just had to drop a couple classes last semester bc I got the flu for a week, was in condensed courses and was planning a wedding. The stress almost killed me, once I got thru the big events the pressure got better and I felt better about school again. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, I hope you get your school stuff sorted and have great success in all your endeavors. Im a returning transfer student myself after a long break to get off drugs and raise an oops baby mostly alone. I hope you don't let the stress of the upcoming holidays compound with this school issues. Be blessed friend.


childofcraigslist t1_ixur5w1 wrote

Someone whose family line is indigenous to America. The Yupik people are native to Alaska, so OP’s lineage is entirely made up of people born in America unlike most Americans whose ancestors are from other countries.


Bladelink t1_ixri3av wrote

Really! I was sitting here expecting her to be someone from the East because of the post-war timing, and because I'm ignorant and bad at identifying people. That's fascinating though.


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixrikl0 wrote

Yeah, when I was in the Navy (west coast) I actually had Asian people argue with me about my ethnicity.


Bladelink t1_ixrj3l7 wrote

It's weird to me that people do that. My reaction is more like "oh sorry for presuming, I'm just some moron," lol.


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixrjp8a wrote

Asking and learning is one thing, and I'm happy to talk about stuff. I grew up in racist areas, so they didn't want to talk, just bully. In that part of Asia/SE too, they thought I was ashamed of my Asian heritage! LoLz. I'm a half breed, obviously, so, you know how that song goes. I can laugh about it now


RunninOnMT t1_ixs8uco wrote

Hahah I’ve definitely had this happen to me. People think I’m Latino (mixed Chinese/white)


Octobersiren14 t1_ixsfu29 wrote

My aunt told me about a customer at her job who just up and started speaking Spanish to her thinking she could understand. My aunt's Filipina and just talked to her in english.


wackyDELYyeah t1_ixug8mk wrote

My dad is the person who will go up to people and start speaking Spanish to them. One time he went up to one guy who was just like “Um, I’m Hawaiian.”


ABKB t1_ixso5d7 wrote

You do a 23andme? I will bet you will be surprised.