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RunninOnMT t1_ixs96bg wrote

Me too! I was born in 1982. I was in college the first time I saw a mixed Asian/white person who was a middle aged adult with my own eyes. It was such a shocking realization that I’d never encountered that racial makeup in anyone older than me (other than my sister who was a few years older than me.)


Xmeromotu t1_ixsa8rd wrote

People never have any idea about me. They mostly just think I’m probably white … but I look 20 years younger than I should. 🤣 But I’ve had people think I was “Hispanic” (not sure how they defined the term, but basically south of the border), “Choctaw,” which was I assume a catch-all for all Native Americans, “Eskimo,” and all kinds of other wrong guesses. People want to find a label even where there isn’t really a good one available.

I live in the South, and when I was about 40, a friend’s mother told me that everyone used to point to me and my brother to prove that the school or country club or other institution was “integrated.” She said people were pretty shameless about it! Of course, Henry Cho has made a nice career of a similar life story, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 👍


Xmeromotu t1_ixsatwu wrote

It is interesting how many more of us there are these days. Kinda nice.