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EatAtCozi t1_ixsgmyd wrote

Imagine trying to police people’s use of emojis on an online platform, really weird. Also didn’t ask, sorry you feel that way. You’ll live. Adieu* freak.


billboswaggns t1_ixsvxxa wrote

Hey man, I just had to drop a couple classes last semester bc I got the flu for a week, was in condensed courses and was planning a wedding. The stress almost killed me, once I got thru the big events the pressure got better and I felt better about school again. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, I hope you get your school stuff sorted and have great success in all your endeavors. Im a returning transfer student myself after a long break to get off drugs and raise an oops baby mostly alone. I hope you don't let the stress of the upcoming holidays compound with this school issues. Be blessed friend.