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ploptones t1_ixt979k wrote

Wow- why did you have to say that? It was extremely rude, and something you would never say in person to someone’s face. Please grow a heart. Or at the very least- learn some manners. And of course they are disabilities. Educate yourself about this type of pain, and what it is like to walk a day in their shoes. Anyone who is still working (or not) who has these disabilities goes through pain 24 hours a day. Talk to some of those people you work with and ask them what they think the future holds for them.


[deleted] t1_ixt9qko wrote

Jesus you sound like every cliche. I won’t ask them because I honestly don’t give a shit. But op isn’t actually disabled like can’t walk he just has some mental issues that you could easily hold a job with and not rely on tax payers.