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nosnevenaes t1_ixqm9il wrote

Ok delete this now and repost saying you are actually the dad in the middle, but you have some rare genetic disorder that makes you look like a baby. The guy on the left is your son.


Xmeromotu t1_ixqx3jd wrote

Hello, brother! I have a white Dad and Chinese Mom, and I was born in the US in 1965!! My folks met double-dating other people, just like Harry Met Sally. 🤣


roenaid t1_ixr23to wrote

Dotey pet... So cute


FuzzyTunaTaco21 t1_ixr60u0 wrote

How old were your parents there? They look super young


Bladelink t1_ixri3av wrote

Really! I was sitting here expecting her to be someone from the East because of the post-war timing, and because I'm ignorant and bad at identifying people. That's fascinating though.


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixrjp8a wrote

Asking and learning is one thing, and I'm happy to talk about stuff. I grew up in racist areas, so they didn't want to talk, just bully. In that part of Asia/SE too, they thought I was ashamed of my Asian heritage! LoLz. I'm a half breed, obviously, so, you know how that song goes. I can laugh about it now


Magnanimous-1 t1_ixrlfrv wrote

Positively scrumptious! What a delightful child! 🌸🙂


ZeePirate t1_ixrnemf wrote

You look like your dad’s eccentric little person boss or something with those suspenders lol!


bizzywhipped t1_ixrq3as wrote

Your dad looks like he will try to sell you a house in Yonder.


HiddenDaliah t1_ixry7nz wrote

I'll bet you grew up into a very handsome man and your parents would be extremely proud of you 😊


____Vader t1_ixrz7nn wrote

Maybe it’s just in my neck of the woods but we need to bring back the dressed up family portrait


stonerthoughtss t1_ixs0eg0 wrote

Your father looks like Tom Hiddleston! or does Tom Hiddleston look like your father since he was born first? Or is Tom Hiddleston actually a time-traveler and your really Loki’s son making you a grandson of Kratos?


Fuzzy-Conversation21 t1_ixs1rnp wrote

Such a darling smol lad! I bet you were one of the smols that folks just loved to kiss on your neck and tickle! Prolly had the best belly laugh that made everyone around you laugh!♥️


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixs2ae2 wrote

I did use to laugh a lot. I was also rather precocious. At about 4 I was bound and determined to play in my other g.Aunts house, and she play with me. I discovered the coal bin. We came out of there randomly covered in coal dust. I would have gotten in trouble, but Biffie was having none of that.


RedStarNova2 t1_ixs43s4 wrote

Why does this mfk look like me when i was a kid lol ?


mjkjg2 t1_ixs4t8p wrote

Adam DeVine??


EatAtCozi t1_ixs910d wrote

Ew you’re weird. Congrats on being an old geezer who has 0 social media literacy ? Lmao. Your comment added literally nothing to the discussion, but thanks buddy.


RunninOnMT t1_ixs96bg wrote

Me too! I was born in 1982. I was in college the first time I saw a mixed Asian/white person who was a middle aged adult with my own eyes. It was such a shocking realization that I’d never encountered that racial makeup in anyone older than me (other than my sister who was a few years older than me.)


Xmeromotu t1_ixsa8rd wrote

People never have any idea about me. They mostly just think I’m probably white … but I look 20 years younger than I should. 🤣 But I’ve had people think I was “Hispanic” (not sure how they defined the term, but basically south of the border), “Choctaw,” which was I assume a catch-all for all Native Americans, “Eskimo,” and all kinds of other wrong guesses. People want to find a label even where there isn’t really a good one available.

I live in the South, and when I was about 40, a friend’s mother told me that everyone used to point to me and my brother to prove that the school or country club or other institution was “integrated.” She said people were pretty shameless about it! Of course, Henry Cho has made a nice career of a similar life story, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 👍


sandmanchase t1_ixscg5e wrote

>Yawns, that made no sense. Try again buddy. 😐

Lol as if this comment added something valuable to the conversation. Your having pointless arguments on the internet with a stranger you will never hear from again that will go NOWHERE. Maybe their is some symbolism there. Yes, yes I did.


NeuroticNurse t1_ixsebsi wrote

What a beautiful family. Although your dad does look like he’s a freshman in high school lolol


EatAtCozi t1_ixseewk wrote

Are you okay? Was the 1 minute you spent typing up this obvious and pointless text worth it? No one cares bud. You’re weird for that. Continue scrolling and minding your business cus the convo is already over. No one wants to read your incoherent rambling.


billboswaggns t1_ixsg5wu wrote

An old geezer? Not by a long shot, this just isn't the emoji platform. I feel bad for you if you're really young and already so angry. However, your troll game is weak af not entertaining, so I'm out


lisabryan t1_ixsinyk wrote

I was born in 66 I feel great 😊


Powerserg95 t1_ixsovwd wrote

You kind of look like Jimmy Kimmel


billboswaggns t1_ixsvxxa wrote

Hey man, I just had to drop a couple classes last semester bc I got the flu for a week, was in condensed courses and was planning a wedding. The stress almost killed me, once I got thru the big events the pressure got better and I felt better about school again. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, I hope you get your school stuff sorted and have great success in all your endeavors. Im a returning transfer student myself after a long break to get off drugs and raise an oops baby mostly alone. I hope you don't let the stress of the upcoming holidays compound with this school issues. Be blessed friend.


[deleted] t1_ixszwb8 wrote

Bro you’re older than my dad why are you on reddit?


Tisorok t1_ixt1rvi wrote

Damn dude, you have t aged a bit


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixt2wc6 wrote

It can be. I have PTSD, COPD, bipolar, social anxiety (interacting like this is fine, I'm just rarely able to leave my house. There's various other associated illnesses. I get by shrugs


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixt44je wrote

The law defines disability as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA) by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixt4695 wrote

Some examples of common disabilities you may find are: vision Impairment. deaf or hard of hearing. mental health conditions. intellectual disability. acquired brain injury. autism spectrum disorder. physical disability.


FJBruiser t1_ixt4dg6 wrote

That is one dapper baby.


MasterDragon13 OP t1_ixt4lql wrote

And? There are varying degrees, as there is with anything. Don't tell me you think it's easy to to get qualified for SSi. My pcp, psychiatrist, and therapist, would all disagree with you


ploptones t1_ixt979k wrote

Wow- why did you have to say that? It was extremely rude, and something you would never say in person to someone’s face. Please grow a heart. Or at the very least- learn some manners. And of course they are disabilities. Educate yourself about this type of pain, and what it is like to walk a day in their shoes. Anyone who is still working (or not) who has these disabilities goes through pain 24 hours a day. Talk to some of those people you work with and ask them what they think the future holds for them.


[deleted] t1_ixt9qko wrote

Jesus you sound like every cliche. I won’t ask them because I honestly don’t give a shit. But op isn’t actually disabled like can’t walk he just has some mental issues that you could easily hold a job with and not rely on tax payers.


bruh_momento_2 t1_ixta3as wrote

You look like the old man from pawn stars in this pic.


Smoopiebear t1_ixtcdgd wrote

You oh look just like your mom! And you dad looks 12.


Jbeth74 t1_ixtgpk7 wrote

What an adorable baby! You look so happy


[deleted] t1_ixtlap2 wrote

Aggh! I can't with the cuteness! Those baby overalls!

Also, everyone is talking about your 12-year-old dad but I love your mom's hair and outfit. She looks like a boss lady heading to the courtroom or the news station after the photo shoot.


Volburnrig t1_ixtlj8i wrote

This is what Tom Hanks might have looked like as a kid.


bettiebomb t1_ixtsq0c wrote

Very cute! How did your parents meet? They’re a very nice looking couple, I’m sure you’re still just as cute.


bubbaharris t1_ixttas8 wrote

Was your dad a G.I. ? - Michael Scott


solveig_is_best_girl t1_ixtz2ek wrote

I don’t know why, but my first thought was. “Baby Old Man from Pawn Stars”


Tight-Drink6071 t1_ixu9fw4 wrote

Nice, clear picture! And in color! I was 6, in that year☘🇵🇷


LeoIsRude t1_ixug00q wrote

That's crazy! My dad was born exactly 56 years ago today, so you guys must be around the same age. :)


cmkrn1 t1_ixuieef wrote

That suit your mom's wearing, man that must've been the thing in the late 60's. I have a picture of my mom wearing one, and another of my mother-in-law as well.


childofcraigslist t1_ixur5w1 wrote

Someone whose family line is indigenous to America. The Yupik people are native to Alaska, so OP’s lineage is entirely made up of people born in America unlike most Americans whose ancestors are from other countries.


ankersplash t1_ixut5xm wrote

I love the way you smile. You are so cute.


ElectricFocus t1_ixvq19y wrote

Your mom looks early 20s and papa looks 17


NoCampaign3112 t1_iydezw0 wrote

Good looking family! Your mom is extra super cute.