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oaktreebuddha t1_ixirg5f wrote

It could pass as a lana del ray album cover.


paralyse78 OP t1_ixj1gd5 wrote

It reminds me a bit of something that Melanie (the 1960s singer) would have done, or Grace Slick, but I can see Lana too!


paralyse78 OP t1_ixijeki wrote

I cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop due to yellowing and some light fading, mostly around the borders and the hair bow. Retouched the face just a bit to restore some color. This was May 1967, Arkansas.


MijnnaamiFbeeFt t1_ixil66e wrote

Thet is a fantastic photo, especially with that groovy discolouration. Worthy of a poster!


Wild_Albatross7534 t1_ixkc4om wrote

What is Michelle doing now? Hopefully the last 50 years or so have been kind to her.


paralyse78 OP t1_ixokfog wrote

She married a gentleman who she actually met on campus because he dad's roommate. His name was John. They had three kids (that I know of) - Janna, Dylan, and David, if I remember their names correctly.

My mom's roommate actually met and married her husband on campus as well. His name was .. John. They had two kids who both joined the Air Force.

My mom married my dad, who she met on campus...his name was not John. My mom and dad met because of their respective roommates hooking up...

Life is indeed strange, like the Moody Blues sang.


AshFromTheStands t1_ixkrly1 wrote

What I love about this photo is your words, OP: “my mom’s”. She gave birth to you, and she made you. And you love her, I bet. And always will.

I love my momma too. She put up with knucklehead little me, and later, big me. Her and my dad raised me and loved me even if I was a pain in the butt.

But love for your mom. That’s what I get from your photo you’ve shared. Thank you for that.


paralyse78 OP t1_ixojsid wrote

Lost her much too early in 2010 at age 61 but still think about her all the time.

Was thinking about her today when I made her secret recipe brown mushroom gravy :)