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LordoftheJives t1_iw4ec9a wrote

I think it's wholesomely funny how everyone's huddled except your husband and the guy next to him. Gives me "cool guys don't look at explosions" vibes.


sfsolarboy t1_iw4kq0q wrote

I'd like to know more about that van.


Sirnando138 t1_iw4lagm wrote

Holy shit, this is amazing. 7 Seconds still rips too. Saw them last year to a packed house and it was killer. And Kevin Seconds is seriously one of the nicest dudes around. My old band toured with them once and it was so much fun. We felt like we had made it.


BackOnTheMap OP t1_iw5lbaz wrote

Ok who was your band?


Sirnando138 t1_iw6i8mf wrote

It would have been The Vigilantes with 7 Seconds. And another band of mine opened for Kevin’s acoustic set. That would have been Ringers. We didn’t make it. Hahaha


1willprobablydelete t1_iw4qohb wrote

That's killer! Is that a zine you guys made?


BackOnTheMap OP t1_iw5ldp4 wrote

The guy on the end, Jonathan LeVine made it. He owns an art gallery now.


EpsomHorse t1_iw7azbz wrote

So did the two skinheads on the left photobomb you there? I can't explain their presence otherwise.


BackOnTheMap OP t1_iw7gxmz wrote

Myself my husband and our friend were skinheads. Obviously not the shitty kind- as you can tell from our friends who wouldn't put up with any of that


Mr_Firley t1_iw4ibej wrote

Nice! Just saw 7 Seconds last weekend!


BackOnTheMap OP t1_iw5l9um wrote

We got to see them this year a few times. Try to never miss them or Kevin.


YYCMTB68 t1_iw5d3w6 wrote

I spy that you were rocking (Punking?) that SNFU shirt!


pinktofu99 t1_iw6fb5z wrote

Cool! I loved 7 seconds!!!


rhussia t1_iw6s73s wrote

Good looking group !


Pumpkinoctopus t1_iw6vyqk wrote

Is that your husband in the Fred Perry polo and i blood DMs? Great style!


Wheel_of_Armageddon t1_iw7hqcv wrote

Anytime I see an SNFU shirt the opening riff of "Time to Buy a Futon" plays in my head. Sadly this does not happen as much as it used to, but it did today! Keep rockin' it sister!

PS - I FINALLY saw the Descendants this year, complete with Bill Stevenson on drums, and they were amazing!


minnesotaris t1_iw4qkgq wrote

Awesome. I wish my dtr had these experiences but the culture doesn't work to do that anymore. To be friends, you had to be bored together while doing regular things.