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Manaze85 t1_ix9l6et wrote

This man will never not be Bullet Tooth Tony to me.


Neodettori t1_ix9n22y wrote

Cos he dodges bullets Avi


YOURMOMMASABITCH t1_ixbjebv wrote

You're thinking of boris the bullet dodger (the uzbeki). Bullet tooth Tony was the brit who got shot multiple times and still killed his assassin.

Quite the opposite of dodging bullets.


cleverkname t1_ix9szez wrote

Point Five Oh.


smolpnrg t1_ixe6p6b wrote

I didn't know it was him from the pic or by name but this line gave it away gif


TheMulattoMaker t1_ixaihdt wrote

"The fact that you've got 'Replica' written down the side of your guns... and the fact that I've got 'Desert Eagle Point Five Oh' written on the side of mine... should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now...

...fuck off."


DrDrankenstein t1_ixac6u8 wrote

Same, with his role in Eurotrip coming in a close second.



TheMulattoMaker t1_ixaiv98 wrote

"Oi! 'is a private members bar, exclusively for the supporters of the greatest football team in the world! Manchester United!"


Plumbanddumb t1_ixautcz wrote

Were the Manchester united fan club.......from ohio.


friggintodd t1_ixavh4a wrote

My baby takes the morning train...


Plumbanddumb t1_ixavvbg wrote

He works from 9 to 5 and then...


TheMulattoMaker t1_ixaw4gr wrote

He takes another home again...


Plumbanddumb t1_ixazy0i wrote

To find me watching.....The Manchester United football team!!!!!! The best freaking team in all the land!! Woohoo!!


funklab t1_ixb10da wrote

Have you not seen Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

This guy is clearly Big Chris. He's just a family man trying to teach his son a trade.


Manaze85 t1_ixb1fr7 wrote

I have, but I saw Snatch first, and he was thusly imprinted on my memory.


CelticGaelic t1_ixb7yde wrote

I had a choice between snatch and two smoking barrels...I had to go for snatch, not a barrels kinda guy. So what's this movie everyone's talking about?


Derfargin t1_ixbdyfs wrote

Madonna’s - Lucky Star blares in the background “I luv-iss fuckin trak.”


EddieLobster t1_ixbbucd wrote

It seems sadly ironic it’s your pickle that got you into this pickle.


deepaksn t1_ixbeixl wrote

“Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity!”


maciver6969 t1_ix9lcu1 wrote

Does he still have the record for fastest penalty? Like 3 seconds in lmao


PaxNova t1_ixa4bwt wrote

Soccer players tend to overreact, but I think this one's genuine...


viomeb t1_ixafte0 wrote

Wait, is that Bullet Tooth Tony?


mitten2787 t1_ixbnijk wrote

Yep before he started acting he was notoriously one of the dirtiest players to ever grace the premiership. His life seemed like an endless stream of drunk driving scandals and debauchery until he started with the acting gig.


KayTannee t1_ixbym18 wrote

Before he became Guy Ritchie's go to man.


nehpets99 t1_ixb2d4m wrote

If his unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish beneath the glossy veneer of criminal life and inspired you to change your ways, then his injuries carry with it an inherent nobility and a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You say poor Toby? I say poor us.


TheDamselfly t1_ixb6cts wrote

I was unfamiliar with Vinnie Jones when I first saw Gone in 60 Seconds, and when he did this whole speech at the end, I was more surprised that he was British than the fact that he was talking 😅


GSV_No_Fixed_Abode t1_ixa4z0d wrote

If this was a regular man assaulting another regular man people would see him as a complete piece of shit.

Celebrity derangement syndrome has the power to turn peoples' innermost moral beliefs into dogshit.


LocalInactivist t1_ixb8f2j wrote

He wasn’t exactly a celebrity then, at least not on his current level. At the time he was a footballer who was known as a “hard man”, meaning he played dirty.


maciver6969 t1_ixbdb92 wrote

Most contact sports have a "goon" position, their entire job is to make the other team afraid to fuck with them and mind fuck them during the games. Vinnie seemed to enjoy it a bit much but you never heard of him acting like that other than the field. The said his first conviction was bogus his neighbor stole from him, he confronted him then was accused of biting him and beating him, but medical experts said no such evidence - then he admitted the plane fight saying he did it, and witnesses said " The former Wimbledon player screamed obscenities at Stephen Driscoll after he asked him to stop pestering a woman on the flight"

Jones, 38, then slapped Mr Driscoll around the face and pushed his head into a window of the first class compartment of the Virgin Atlantic aircraft.

Seems well earned if he was not taking no for an answer...

People here act like he is an axe murderer lmao We cant put modern society's shit on things that happened in the 80-90's when they were acceptable behaviors especially when he only did the shit on the field.


TaischiCFM t1_ixd3ij1 wrote

That shit wasn't acceptable in the 80's-90's, wtf. That would end as an ass kicking most of the time.


GSV_No_Fixed_Abode t1_ixddtjm wrote

Yes, that is the point I'm making.

If he never made movies and was just another athlete sexually assaulting another athlete, people would be rightly criticizing him.

It's precisely because he went on to being a famous actor that people are quoting his cool quotes and handwaving away his sexual assault.

You do see the point I'm making, don't you?

I'm not shitting on sports. Sports are great. I'm shitting on celebrity derangement syndrome.


LocalInactivist t1_ixdgoki wrote

Sexual assault? It qualifies by any reasonable definition of the term but hitting someone in the nuts seems more like regular assault. And for good or ill, a lot of stuff happens in sports that would be considered assault in any other context. If you chase someone down while hitting them with a stick it’s definitely assault, unless you’re playing lacrosse. Then it’s a legal move. Rugby is a riot over someone trying to steal a ball. And then there’s boxing.

No one is claiming that Vinnie Jones wasn’t a serious asshole on the field. He was a goon. That’s part of sports. It’s not a good part, but here we are.


S550Stang t1_ixa72q0 wrote

He wasn't one then, and no one cared because assaults to men are mostly ignored.


GSV_No_Fixed_Abode t1_ixaty54 wrote

He is now, which is precisely why people are ignoring this sexual assault.

We're in a thread where a conversation about assaults to men could be happening, and I've tried to start one, but the only response was you kind of shrugging it away.


S550Stang t1_ixaza7c wrote

People have no clue who he is now a days and could care less.


Solid_Rice t1_ixb9cii wrote

wow. you're such a good person.


GSV_No_Fixed_Abode t1_ixde5o1 wrote

I'm a normal person, no better than anyone else. If I sexually assaulted someone I'd be criticized.

Enough of us have decided that celebrities are better than us and should be able to sexually assault people, and I think that's idiotic.


The-artofstu t1_ixaenl0 wrote

Two men other side of you are you balls


nobodycool1234 t1_ixb9kxe wrote

The most “ow my balls” face ever


TheDamselfly t1_ixb73ik wrote

Everyone's talking about Snatch (to be fair, a truly terrific movie), but I can't believe we're all ignoring his stellar performance as a high school soccer coach in She's the Man.


ipsdirtleg t1_ixa27au wrote

You been using dog shit dog shit for toothpaste, Mullet?


Kurtman68 t1_ixb52vh wrote

TIL Bullet Tooth Tony did other things too


son_e_jim t1_ixb7ezf wrote

He was good in Mean Machine


Mhan00 t1_ixa9ncr wrote

That’s King Richard’s best friend/body guard/knight/usurper Gareth!


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BRIKHOUS t1_ixas6v1 wrote

Bullet Tooth Tony is classic, but I liked him in gone in 60 seconds


[deleted] t1_ixb9mx8 wrote

You can’t use your hands to touch the ball


Coachbelcher t1_ixbbp3j wrote

“Oi, he’s got me nuts ain’t he?”


nice_Nisei t1_ixbe2hk wrote

Someone swap their faces, please.


RoinSM t1_ixbjur8 wrote

Just sing Morning Train and he’ll let go of your nuts


Calm-Drop-9221 t1_ixc4dlt wrote

The last decade when British Football was a mans game


underbite420 t1_ixcdu5v wrote

Podcast called “Crime in Sports” does a great episode on him. The episode is 196-“A Violence First Approach-The Hardness of Vinnie Jones”


stevedisme t1_ixa7vfi wrote

The good old reach around!


nutznboltsguy t1_ixatoqq wrote

Mine says Desert Eagle point five O.


mjkjg2 t1_ixawhx8 wrote

“my giblets!”


Billabongbunyip23 t1_ixb0v5h wrote

So ya think ya ave a pair? I’ll be the judge of that sonny boy


SteelForce86 t1_ixbpiu5 wrote

That's nothing Maradona used to stick his finger in other players assholes. True story.


LincolnCassiusClay47 t1_ixdiafb wrote

“Pretty good. PRETTY DAMN GOOD LADS!!!!”

removes two bottle caps with his eye sockets



newroz-daddy t1_ixdkyo0 wrote

Fucking Vinnie Jones crushing balls 🤣


Algrim2001 t1_ixdq2hw wrote

The picture that defined the term “bag snatching”.


gotele t1_ix9xn15 wrote

I don't think he's enjoying that.


TheRealAgragor t1_ix9zqkb wrote

Yes, he is. Vinnie it’s just a tad insecure… Hence the face he’s making.


bobalou2you t1_ixa06fx wrote

Please may I have more???


TheGru t1_ixb0n6f wrote

So they have to really role around like that lol


GoBombGo t1_ixb1i3n wrote

Thought there were hands on balls in soccer?


nurupartnerhtx t1_ixb4dyi wrote

Should have tried the old reach around.


stormrockox t1_ixb8psa wrote

Stole all his teeth too. Isn't that worth a red card?


CymbalMind t1_ixbcdgk wrote

Footballer? Looks more like a Handballer to me


NorthMN t1_ixbcin4 wrote

Squirrel Hold.


Xenolithium t1_ixbcm6d wrote

Guess that explains why he can play a soccer hooligan so fucking well. He actually is one!!


Magpar88 t1_ixbcram wrote

What I imagined would have happened if someone didn’t know the Manchester United theme song.


MifflerTripod t1_ixbdhpq wrote

In Qatar he’d get the death penalty.


SolidRip6987 t1_ixbdplx wrote

"eeeeeeeexth scewths me"



moosehq t1_ixbg48e wrote

The man is a violent thug.


John_Cena_27 t1_ixbh0bc wrote

He’s mad cause Carina broke his heart I love you smush


JediASU t1_ixbpwh3 wrote

Is that the same player that got kicked in the nuts in the All Your Base Are Belong To Us video?


Pesimistic-Dogma t1_ixc1a19 wrote

“I love goofing around, and I love breaking people's balls. I do it off camera, as well as on camera.” - Vinnie Jones


Midarenkov t1_ixc8nfm wrote

Wrong sport Vinnie, this isn't handball!


GEBeats t1_ixct7jj wrote

He was hurt and pleased at the same time, looking at his face


UshikawaT t1_ixd11ru wrote

'ah c'mon ref - handball(s)!'


Jmazoso t1_ixe0rl1 wrote

Football should legit give acting awards. There should also be a card fir ridiculousness.


Substantial_Act3036 t1_ixe1rqe wrote

Magma cum Laude graduate of the Draymond Green School of Sportsmanship.

“When you can’t beat your opponent, cheat.”


bobdvb t1_ixe1td6 wrote

I told my wife 'The guy on the left became an actor, and the guy on the right became a famous alcoholic.'


FOURKINDSOFUGLY t1_ixak9fa wrote

Vinnie. The one guy Roy Keane wouldn’t say boo to. See the clip on YT.


M4dBoOmr t1_ixbf0qk wrote

Why goes the other guy's face look "photoshopped"?


Neveragainthanks t1_ixbubh7 wrote

This is a very famous photo of Vinnie Jones and Gazza, two of the most famous footballers of that era, famous for very different reasons


mronion82 t1_ixe1mle wrote

No, I remember this from the time.


M4dBoOmr t1_ixf3hlh wrote

I don't mean that it is, I just looks that way


newX7 t1_ixal12v wrote

This isn’t cool. This is a guy sexually assaulting another.


CAJ_2277 t1_ixbgdqp wrote

Oh knock it off. That kind of nonsense cheapens sexual assault.


newX7 t1_ixbp92v wrote

Really? Imagine a guy grabbing a girls genitals and punching it really hard against her wishes. Would you still be saying that’s not sexual assault?


CAJ_2277 t1_ixbsgv7 wrote

Why would I imagine that? This is two guys, on a sports field, with one twisting the others nuts as dirty play being an asshole. It’s unsportsmanlike soccer, not sexual assault. Ffs.


newX7 t1_ixbskdx wrote

Because if the same action was done to a woman, you would be screaming sexual assault at the top of your longs. But apparently you’re one of those people that doesn’t believe that men can be victims of sexual assault.


CAJ_2277 t1_ixbt7ck wrote

I feel like you’re an MRA type looking for an internet fight. Your shrillness isn’t helping you.

> Because if the same action was done to a woman, you would be screaming sexual assault….

That’s literally an ‘And if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle’ moment.


newX7 t1_ixby816 wrote

And I feel like you’re one of those “men can’t be raped” guys. You’re attitude also isn’t helping.

And the moment you described doesn’t make it any less true.


TaischiCFM t1_ixd3sga wrote

Is kicking a man in the groin sexual assault in your world?


newX7 t1_ixdk91u wrote

That’s actually a good point. Don’t know, depends on the intent.


mronion82 t1_ixe27yg wrote

Why? Because if you go by that logic Vinnie's ball squeeze isn't sexual assault as it wasn't done with sexual intent.


newX7 t1_ixe43p1 wrote

Counterpoint: If a guy shoves his hands into a girls genitals, as long as there isn’t sexual intent, it isn’t sexual assault?


mronion82 t1_ixe5249 wrote

You brought intent into it.

You're not comparing like things. I'm a woman. If I were playing in a football match and another woman grabbed or twisted my vulva or breasts I would assume it was an aggressive move designed to put me off my game.


newX7 t1_ixe5nhm wrote

Ok, if the intent was specifically aimed at a sexual organ or genital, or there was sexual intent in the mind of the perpetrator, then yeah, I would consider it sexual assault.

And if you were in that situation, I would also consider it sexual also. The two are not mutually exclusive.


mronion82 t1_ixe6dxx wrote

Does genital contact automatically make an assault sexual then?


newX7 t1_ixe6kp1 wrote

If you were aiming there purposely when assaulting someone, yeah.


mronion82 t1_ixe84j5 wrote



newX7 t1_ixfa8pu wrote

Because you delibaretely aimed to attack someone at their sexual organ.


mronion82 t1_ixfc2c6 wrote

So then how do we differentiate legally between that and what we call sexual assault now?


newX7 t1_ixff6e0 wrote

Maybe don’t intentionally aim at people’s sexual genitals unless it’s in defense.


mronion82 t1_ixfh8lu wrote

You don't see sny difference between hitting someone in the bollocks in anger and getting a sexual kick from it? They're two very different motives and I think it makes sense to treat them separately.