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[deleted] t1_iwdadzz wrote



billybotime t1_iwdmn2y wrote

Chad is rad, too. Anthony, while the weakest link, musically, writes the silly lyrics we all love. Can’t have any without the other 3


kit_kaboodles t1_iwenlc8 wrote

RHCP is 3 incredible musicians and their less talented friend who actually likes the spotlight of being a frontman.


r31ya t1_iwg03tv wrote

I kinda like Anthony as the frontman while loving the all of instrument plays.

but the most recent songs with frusciante returning, in the first impression, Anthony part is a bit unbearable.

i might change my mind after relistening it few more times, but that one impression enough to keep me away for awhile despite the hype of Frusciante returning.


Weird-Library-3747 t1_iwg60gv wrote

Give it another couple runs. Peppers albums always have to grow and bloom on you. Love the new albums