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CoffeePockets t1_ixnl9bn wrote

Lil goblin in the back sure looks like a fun fella


onelittleworld t1_ixmbjy2 wrote

If you want a wild ride, look up how they kidnapped Fats Waller and had him play at Al's birthday bash... for, like, 2-3 days.


AldermanMcCheese t1_ixmgru4 wrote

Weekend with the boys in Hot Springs? Makes Al’s syphilis a bit more understandable.


sukicat t1_ixo2kpo wrote

Didn't he contract that while in prison, or am I misremembering?


LastMughal t1_ixmvc8r wrote

"They were all good fellas"


TMC_61 t1_ixnhxd5 wrote

Hot Springs, safe haven for the mob.


tillios t1_ixnv4de wrote

Al reminds me of Kevin O'Leary.


anasui1 t1_ixn6uuq wrote

"they all sitting there, smelling their guns" Don Rickles


[deleted] t1_ixpydmg wrote

5 sociopathic assholes


Dave-1066 t1_ixqhqc6 wrote

Well said. These people were nothing but low-life scum who destroyed thousands of individuals’ lives, wrecked dozens upon dozens of honest family businesses through “protection” theft, killed police officers, and thrived off of every form of corruption imaginable. They plagued cities like NYC and Chicago for decades. Even children were killed in the crossfire between these worthless pricks.


shadow125 t1_ixp6ov7 wrote

What is the difference between a “gang” and a few friends getting together?


huangyaopai t1_ixp97nn wrote

Who was the one clubbed to death by Capone ?


suzer2017 t1_ixq1fzl wrote

They're so short.


_WretchedDoll_ t1_ixn5c27 wrote

The one at the back reminds me of a joke Jay Leno told on Letterman, which I'm too lazy to type, also it's shit. Jerry Seinfeld liked it though


TransposingJons t1_ixnb7qr wrote

There's nothing "cool" about this, unless you are either 13, or a sociopath.


Dave-1066 t1_ixqhxf4 wrote

No idea why you were downvoted. These animals caused the deaths of children in crossfire while they went about destroying decent family businesses for “protection money”. They were a plague of vermin.