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Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtu3c7 wrote

50 cents a hit 4 way.


pump123456 t1_iwtvs7o wrote

And that cheep shitty white cross 25s were$10 a 100.


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtw2jj wrote

Those white cross were nasty dehydrated me something terrible. Yel. 10.00 a hundred. Could get lb of Mexican for 90.00 that all there was. Wasn’t no fancy stuff like now.


pump123456 t1_iwtwhxk wrote

So true. On 3/4/1986 I got clean + sober, I just wasn’t tough enough to do it any more. Enjoying life now with great memories.


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtwtrw wrote

Yel that good. God bless you. I just smoke some weed and concentrate once in a while and raise grandkids. I really like that concentrates.


pump123456 t1_iwtxf4s wrote

As legalization spreads , you know I’m thinking about starting again. But I’m an all or nothing guy Starting up again where I left off, I know I wouldn’t last long. Loved that alcohol.


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtxrwh wrote

I got two brothers that drink all day every day don’t know how they do it. They don’t get hangovers. Hangovers kill me. lol. But I have a good time socializing though. Lol. I am from southern ill


pump123456 t1_iwty0rm wrote

Some people can do it. My hangovers were terrible especially in a south central Texas steel mill.


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtywhp wrote

Screw those steel mills. I worked underground coal mine a cool 68 year round


pump123456 t1_iwtzbxy wrote

We did what was necessary to get where we are today. Sounds like we should be thankful we are alive. I’m off to sleep. Good taking, enjoy life.