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eYan2541 t1_iws6zcj wrote

Man, I bet he was annoying


pump123456 t1_iwt1yar wrote

Blotter, window pane, orange sunshine, purple micro dot, pink barrels, birth control. Would I relive 1968 to 1975 again? HELL YES !!!


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtvtjh wrote

I live on a farm for 4 years grandparents took me in when I was down. He put me too work. I enjoyed every bit of it. Those hang overs were bad sitting on that tractor in the hot sun though. Lo


Due_Macaroon_3948 t1_iwtxrwh wrote

I got two brothers that drink all day every day don’t know how they do it. They don’t get hangovers. Hangovers kill me. lol. But I have a good time socializing though. Lol. I am from southern ill


Spork_Warrior t1_ix6gkc9 wrote

Summer after the musical HAIR came out.

Hippie city.