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489guy12 t1_iwc2oek wrote

She got the name Dusty because she liked to listen to records on the ground with her cat.


IWasGregInTokyo t1_iwcu8yl wrote

Did she get the cat from the Pet Shop Boys?

Cat is looking like "What have I done to deserve this?".


mfairview t1_iwbjfq6 wrote

There's something happening here.


Dangerous-Dot-3745 t1_iwcfn18 wrote

Shyheim and Big L sampled her song "Windmills of your mind" on the song "Furious anger" on Shyheims album "Manchild(99)" album. Forgive me if I got her song title wrong but I think that's what it's called! The song is 🔥! Rip Big L!


So_Do_You_Like_Stuff OP t1_iwcheaq wrote

Right on. I hadn’t heard that one before. A little after my time, but I dig it.


VividLifeToday t1_iwd9b0w wrote

I just found out she had a romantic relationship with the woman that sang the theme song for What We Do In the Shadows. Your dead, your dead and out of this world


dj_swearengen t1_iwdyyd9 wrote

Everyone in the US at first thought she was black.


atjones111 t1_iwc6wp3 wrote

That’s a dusty ass hair do