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frstyle34 t1_ixc1527 wrote

Where is Kevin Hart?


ANiceDent t1_ixehnzr wrote

He’s under his armpit hiding he’s still young here !


Jocks_Strapped t1_ixc8qxr wrote

Dwayne "the jock" Johnson


i-am-boots t1_ixdfood wrote

And not just any old backup... He probably would have played a lot more if he wasn't behind NFL HOFer Warren Sapp.


Extreme_Length7668 t1_ixdju0f wrote

Have you ever heard Sapp talk about the Rock? It's brutal.


GimmeAMalt t1_ixe9y7q wrote

Warren Sapp is a fuckhead. Listening to him interrupt and talk over people during interviews is like nails on a chalkboard.


Think_Explanation_47 t1_ixgitcn wrote

The first Warren Sapp djvlad interview is sooo hard to watch. Dude is a straight asshole.


paulsoleo t1_ixdvhql wrote

I haven’t, but you’ve certainly piqued my interest.


Jaded-Trainer12 t1_ixe44mq wrote

Go on YouTube. Put in "warren Sapp goes in on the rock"'s funny but as the interview went on Warren gave me and others I showed it to the impression throwing a lot of "shade" on the Rock's career. You be the judge


brobeanzhitler t1_ixelrvs wrote

Not really. He washed up into the CFL and wasn't good enough to start there either.


Northviewguy t1_ixf4ho5 wrote

He tells the story differently and was told to 'hold back',they just seemed to want him for practice.


brobeanzhitler t1_ixf5gi5 wrote

He also says that not being good enough for the Calgary Stampeders was a great turning point where he decided that football wasn't for him, and that he should look into other sports.


Northviewguy t1_ixf6s4j wrote

Correct. btw I Love the 'Young Rock' TV show.


brobeanzhitler t1_ixfcqhz wrote

Thank you for introducing me, I have some binging to do


Lord_Kano t1_ixfu0ts wrote

Over the weekend, I rewatched the whole series to date.


i-am-boots t1_ixfqihp wrote

Do you think everyone who sees playing time in college football is good enough to play at the next level? Even the CFL? I didn’t even say he could start at Miami. I just said he PROBABLY would have played more if he wasn’t behind Sapp on the depth chart. D lines often run rotations. And I don’t see how it’s unreasonable to think that if the guy ahead of him wasn’t a future HOFer he might have seen the field more.


ophaus t1_ixdhkbs wrote

He was just a pebble back then...


hoppyfrog t1_ixc0ml1 wrote

Obligatory "Rock me like a Hurricane" reference


pimp_juice2272 t1_ixdmxao wrote

Warren Sapp beat him for the position. The Rock said it ended up being the best thing to happen to him (in the long run, of course)


Quadstriker t1_ixdwkfc wrote

If you don’t know football, Warren Sapp is an all time great, a Hall of Famer, and is the subject of chants in the legendary “loooooool jets” draft video.


Petersm66 t1_ixc5lgr wrote

Pre Steroid...


longhaul77 t1_ixdn170 wrote

Still has amazing genetics. I could take all of the PEDS in the world and still not rival that guy natural


Fuckoffassholes t1_ixf2jce wrote

The physique he had at age 15 is enviable for an adult, and I doubt he was juicing then.


Lord_Kano t1_ixfuhcs wrote

His dad was amazingly built when I was a kid. His mom's side of the family has some giants on it too. He does have great genetics for muscularity.


CaptainMezO t1_ixcqnid wrote

The guy looks like wwe wrestler


doa70 t1_ixcysws wrote

I look at this photo different than most. As a fan of Rock’s father’s ring work in WWE, I still see him as the kid in the famous photo with his father. They even got that photo into the background in a Hobbs & Shaw scene.


procheeseburger t1_ixd76w0 wrote

If you aren't watching Young Rock.. you're missing out.


chesterforbes t1_ixdjwfu wrote

IIRC he also played for the CFL here in Canada


jiccc t1_ixdt1em wrote

He did, the stamps. I've always found it funny that he has a direct connection to calgary.


Thneed1 t1_ixe85f4 wrote

Tried out for the Calgary Stampeders, was cut.,


Explorer3130 t1_ixfh4fx wrote

The Stamps have joked about this from time to time. “Oh what ever happened to that Dwayne guy? Hope it all worked out for him.” kind of stuff.

He was cut due to the cap on American players on CFL teams and he didn’t make it. At the time he had something like $7 in his pocket and him and his other broke football buddies were raiding the Cecil hotel (notorious Calgary dive) garbage for “the least-repulsive smelling mattress” just to sleep on. He actually credits his time in Calgary for giving him a hard reality check and shifting his focus from football to entertainment.


Thneed1 t1_ixfiv9l wrote

Calling the Cecil a dive is highly overrating it.


chev327fox t1_ixdz7dt wrote

That guy looks like he could make it as a wrestler and maybe even a movie star.


HermitWilson t1_ixfmu6q wrote

I bet if he ever does become famous someone will dig up his unsavory past as a backup defensive lineman for the Miami Hurricanes and post it on Reddit.


soupafi t1_ixecxwp wrote

Man, I dunno if he’s gonna make it in the NFL. Hope he’s got a backup plan


Fthewigg t1_ixd0vol wrote

I always assumed the tattoo meant he attended the University of Texas.


StarMasher t1_ixf8sj2 wrote

Psssh where is he now...


jwg2695 t1_ixdjfsb wrote

He looks like a narc.


tvnr t1_ixdjj82 wrote

Hilarious hilarious


beefstewforyou t1_ixdl0sa wrote

He played in the CFL for the Calgary Stampeders as well.


SandMan3914 t1_ixdt4r1 wrote

For some reason I thought he'd played for the Montreal Alouettes


MasterOffice9986 t1_ixdpfqr wrote

He went to highschool with my math teacher in highschool in Allentown pa ( me skool in NJ )...who ended it up getting arrested for a huge oxy ring


Leeiteee t1_ixdy17o wrote

I wonder what he's doing nowadays


go_faster1 t1_ixdzg1p wrote

Eh, he won’t amount to anything. Just fizzle up and die


theteedo t1_ixe2ki4 wrote

Also for the Calgary Stampeders before being cut from the CFL.


ResettisReplicas t1_ixe661p wrote

That name is much too plain, how on earth will he make it in entertainment?


Dependent-Job1773 t1_ixe9ggf wrote

I think he might have been a high school all American before that too. Miami hurricanes had a loaded ass college team and being a d1 athlete means you’re special either way


DreadlockSamurai t1_ixepj1f wrote

I had understood he was the starter until he got hurt. Then Sapp got the spot and the rest is history. I believe he was coached by one of my university head coaches as well. So he either won one or two national championships


simian_ninja t1_ixf0tjh wrote

Looks like that guy The Stone…


Losalou52 t1_ixf4he1 wrote

Mr. future president the rock


underengineered t1_ixf8ccm wrote

This was before anybody could smell what he was cooking.


Calkky t1_ixfb41m wrote

I can't say for sure if they're actually related by blood, but he looks a lot like his cousins "The Usos" here.


hamsolo19 t1_ixfi9ei wrote

He started out really well at Miami but he fucked up his shoulder real bad and by the time he was ready to play again Sapp had taken over.


dizzyhobo t1_ixflfps wrote

He looks like he just smelled something.


cmparkerson t1_ixfxv5n wrote

He was a backup to Warren Sapp


FUThead2016 t1_ixgvi1a wrote

He was a rock in defence


movieball t1_ixdhxcl wrote

Without steroids, he was just a bench warmer.


prvhc21 t1_ixc0ga7 wrote

After which he would go on to become an above average wrestler and below average ‘actor’


r1ch999999 t1_ixci4y8 wrote

His bank account would argue the below average part


prvhc21 t1_ixcii9m wrote

Good thing we don’t judge acting ability by the sizes of bank accounts………


r1ch999999 t1_ixco36h wrote

You’re right, ability and success, or in most cases wealth, are not the same thing.


beibei93 t1_ixe7ub6 wrote

That's some righteous indignation right there.


OtisTetraxReigns t1_ixcw4cs wrote

I wouldn’t say he’s below average. He’s no Dave Bautista, but he’s at least an average actor.


injn8r t1_ixgyqe1 wrote

Never trust a man with a belly button tattoo or a tramp stamp


freakksho t1_ixe9z88 wrote

And you dropped out to become an insurance salesmen…