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brobeanzhitler t1_ixelrvs wrote

Not really. He washed up into the CFL and wasn't good enough to start there either.


Northviewguy t1_ixf4ho5 wrote

He tells the story differently and was told to 'hold back',they just seemed to want him for practice.


brobeanzhitler t1_ixf5gi5 wrote

He also says that not being good enough for the Calgary Stampeders was a great turning point where he decided that football wasn't for him, and that he should look into other sports.


Northviewguy t1_ixf6s4j wrote

Correct. btw I Love the 'Young Rock' TV show.


brobeanzhitler t1_ixfcqhz wrote

Thank you for introducing me, I have some binging to do


Lord_Kano t1_ixfu0ts wrote

Over the weekend, I rewatched the whole series to date.


i-am-boots t1_ixfqihp wrote

Do you think everyone who sees playing time in college football is good enough to play at the next level? Even the CFL? I didn’t even say he could start at Miami. I just said he PROBABLY would have played more if he wasn’t behind Sapp on the depth chart. D lines often run rotations. And I don’t see how it’s unreasonable to think that if the guy ahead of him wasn’t a future HOFer he might have seen the field more.