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Brother_-_John t1_j1x95k2 wrote

If this is high school, they were born around 1930, which makes them 92. Some are still around, most are gone.


[deleted] t1_j1xbe1j wrote



mrcnbdss t1_j1xddd6 wrote

This is a college sorority composite. Clearly labeled.


FeralBottleofMtDew t1_j1y8wyc wrote

Which means they were most likely all between 18 and 22 years old in 1948. So 92 to 96 years old now. There are probably a few still alive. Probably not many.


M365Certified t1_j21c3l7 wrote

In college in 1948, so wealthier demographic, and white. Raise that average age at death. They also survived to at least 18.

White and female alone puts average lifespan at 78.1. "2.91 years for women who are among the top 5 percent of income earners in America" So ballpark 50% made it to 82. In the total US population nearly 30% of females live into their 90s.

This falls of quickly though, only 16.7% of women make it to 92. and only 6.4% to 96; our range assuming typical college ages. (Per SSA tables)

Based on that, out of roughly 70 women aged 92-96, 3 to 4 will be alive today


chrisguitars t1_j1xgb5p wrote

Out of 70 females, I would think 5-7 would reach the age of 96.


jezzitravels t1_j1x9b7j wrote

My great grandma was born 1921 died 2019, her sister is still alive I believe she was born 1932


ztreHdrahciR t1_j1x7ywn wrote

My mom is alive, graduated HS in 48. Can't tell if this is HS or college


nellie_1017 t1_j1y7inu wrote

College- HS doesn't have sororities! Also labeled as 'sorority', & the fact that they're all girls is a tipoff!


ztreHdrahciR t1_j1ylkb2 wrote

Yeah I looked and looked but couldn't find any indication or labeling of college (perhaps the letter C) or sorority. It's emblazoned with the photographer name tho.


nailgun198 t1_j1z32hv wrote

I'm not convinced this is a typical sorority, because one of the women I googled was from a different college sorority (Pi Beta Phi?) and several others were from another (Kappa Alpha Theta?). I wondered whether it was some other sort of club.


callathanmodd t1_j1xlaaw wrote

Kay Kiehl looks like the side profile of Jane Peterson lol


lskerlkse t1_j1xd78v wrote

Probably 4% of them are


avega2792 t1_j1xh46y wrote

Totally. I work with old people and most of my clients were mid 90s and up, or born from 1920s-1930s much like this group.


nailgun198 t1_j1xi221 wrote

I googled a few of the less common sounding names and their ages would be from 92-102. All the ones I found have passed on. But that makes me think the one I didn't find might still be living.


EeerrEeer t1_j1xib7p wrote

Wow. Was this found in an antique store? If so, where


4x4Welder t1_j1xr5cg wrote

It would be interesting if someone found their grandmother on there. That's about the age range for mine, and she just died last year.


SignorAlberto2022 t1_j1xwzh2 wrote

Idk but consider deleting then posting back reformatted? I can’t see the picture, it’s just sideways or upside down no matter which way I turn the screen, it’s actually frustrating lol.


posifour11 t1_j1xzuu1 wrote

My grandma died last year and she was born in 1926 in the middle of nowhere Arkansas. So, chances are there is a handful.


Finnyfish t1_j1y49nz wrote

This is a good ad for that photographer — they look lovely.


moiecoute t1_j1x5ups wrote

Op is Wednesday Addams?


Nm_man1912 t1_j1x90bs wrote

It looks like a group of those wallet sized photos you can give away BUT its the same person


*sorry folks I didnt mean to say that I ment to day but it's not the same person


negroiso t1_j1zbubs wrote

I dunno, but it's great that the hairstyle of the day is like copy/paste to all of them.

My grandmother would be around that age if she were alive today, one of the most saddest things she ever told me was when we were at her son's (my uncle's) funeral a few years before she ended up passing. I leaned in and asked her if she was sad or in shock or anything because she just seemed to be carrying on as usual. She looked and just said "negroiso, your grandad and I were raised in a time when you didn't show emotion, it's not that I'm not feling it, its just that our upbringing didn't support showing things"

it was damn sad, but as other grandparents slowly passed one by one and their partners were laughing or just passive about the funeral service while I'm bawling in tears, It kind of set in that either they had already prepared for that, or it's just their way of grieving from their time period.


lifesalotofshit t1_j1zhlvb wrote

Jeez the way you uploaded makes it impossible to see and zoom in. Lol


danjet500 t1_j1zna3j wrote

I don't know but there are a lot of very pretty women in that photo.


NewTry16 t1_j2095bu wrote

Barbara Fruit looks like she's not to be fucked with.


jar1967 t1_j20rvs6 wrote

I would say about 10%


Fisk75 t1_j20tdgy wrote

Quite a diverse class


Juco_Dropout t1_j21axhv wrote

Owaelah, fifth row second in, is the only “Owalaeh” that comes up when you google the name. I’d be curious to know the origins or even how to pronounce it.


Street-Week6744 t1_j1xzh7a wrote

If you told me this was all the same person I'd be like "mkay"