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UpYourButt_Jobu t1_j1dvz0m wrote

Starbucks used to be the shit. We'd look forward to it every time we visited Seattle. Now it's basically a multinational fast food chain, obviously. Damned shame...


jaquick t1_j1dxtmf wrote

I read "multidimensional". I think that would actually be more accurate!


evilchumlee t1_j1gm3q2 wrote

Erp, but then, then fucking Morty ruined for everyone when he... he... erp... had to be a alittle pervert in the universe where the Starbucks Mermaid is a real... a real chick. Way to go, Morty


ilikepizza2much t1_j1hqx6p wrote

The further away you travel from Seattle, the more the quality of Starbucks drops. In Seattle you’re still arguably drinking coffee, by the time you reach London or Budapest it’s burnt, bitter sewer water strained through a homeless man’s sock


BigTastey2 t1_j1j0kjn wrote

Impossible to maintain deep quality at global scale. There’s just no way.


__Seris__ t1_j1e7gke wrote

It still is, their cold brew coffee is better than anyone’s.


WhyNeaux t1_j1eagqa wrote

Look into their sourcing and labor practices. Best value in over-roasted coffee and diabetic shakes.

Starbucks lost its way back around 2000, when they expanded past their regional boundaries yet maintining quality control from Seattle.

I’m sure they have better tasting Iced Coffee and Cold brew. They have been innovators of many popular coffee drinks. They are consistent there.

Good coffee, but how do they produce it ruins it for me.


Cool-Swordfish7223 t1_j1f2rde wrote

Shit company. Shit coffee. So many better and less-expensive choices out there.


TonyAioli t1_j1gxifs wrote

Continually baffles me. Their coffee is burnt garbage. The only people who actually like Starbucks order triple venti whipped cream surprises with caramel and four shots of vanilla. Of course that tastes “good”.


fuckimbackonreddit9 t1_j1hucp8 wrote

Have to partially disagree. I’ve yet to find a more consistently delightful cup of coffee on the go than my pour over venti blonde roast. It’s fantastic.


colorandnumber t1_j1gl65d wrote

The story…guy worked at coffee roaster goes on vacation to Italy and sees these cafes serving coffee with syrups and steamed frothed milk. Comes back and pitches the idea to his boss. Gets rejected. Quits and starts his own business. Gets so successful he ends up buying out the roaster that had rejected his idea. Twenty years later you could go to the most remote part of Washington and find a latte.


tvnr t1_j1gajvh wrote

Where does the name come from? Never found that out.


colorandnumber t1_j1gkbte wrote

Moby Dick. The cook on the ship was named Starbuck and he apparently made good coffee.


tvnr t1_j1gwl4d wrote

Oh shit I never knew that. Thank you!


MrAbadeer t1_j1isdru wrote

That's where the first line of the book comes from.

Barista: Whats the name?"

Customer: "Call me Ishmael."

Barista: "Half decaf tall Moche latte for Ishmael!"


Mettlesome369 t1_j1ek6kd wrote

They look like anchormen. Jim Gardner should be in the pic along with Ron Burgundy.


[deleted] t1_j1e5pbn wrote



geneel t1_j1edcmt wrote

Seriously, Google the origin of the Starbucks logo. Lifted from some kinky bored pirate drawings


No_Tomorrow3745 t1_j1gbqlh wrote

My wife can't drive by a damn Starbucks without stopping


Evil_Monito84 t1_j1gt9ov wrote

I would offer my daughters Starbucks in the cold mornings for chocolate. I noticed a vanilla creme brulee latte on ad and I decided to try it. I was instantly hooked. I'm not a coffee enthusiast but DAMN! I started out with a small and now get a large everytime! Got me hooked like the that mermaid!


Whey-Men t1_j1gslnl wrote

Baldwin looks like he's thinking: "this is going to go south and I'm going to be living in a van down by the river."


DontDoThiz t1_j1hli2p wrote

I can't find the word to say how boring NOT cool they are.


atomride t1_j1fzaqw wrote

We’re ready to believe you!


MrAbadeer t1_j1iry7d wrote

Gerry doesn't even like coffee.